Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2021 Written Update: Sai tells Pulkit about Virat.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Virat asks Sai he wants to ask Sai something important. Sai tells I will save your time,I did not feel bad when you gave rose to Pakhi. Virat tells will you let me ask what I want to ask? How did Pakhi find out about the rose incident? Sai tells maybe she saw photos in Ashwini’s phone. She tells now let her study.

Virat tells first let us talk about Ladakh,why don’t you want to come with us to the trip? Sai tells your family wants you to go with her,I don’t have any problem. Virat tells are you done,can you give me the chance to speak now? He tells I wan to go for Samrat’s work,and Pakhi has to go to so you come with me to Ladakh. Sai tells everyone will insult me if I come with you. Virat tells if you come with me I will feel good,he tells it is a short trip so put my clothes in your bag.

Virat asks Pakhi if everything is alright. Pakhi asks why did you bring flowers to celebrate valentine’s today in house ? She asks what were you doing in Sai’s college? He tells Sai’s dean called me for a harassment case,he tells you are mature ,Sai’s friends find out that Sai is my wife so they asked me to give her roses. I gave rose to her,to you,to Ashwini and to everyone else. Pakhi tells there is no happiness in my life.

Pulkit tells Aniket was praising you husband,you maybe feeling proud. Sai tells he is a very good human,sometimes he cares for me like his father. Pulkit asks he does so much for you,what else do you expect from him? Sai tells he made it clear on the very first day of marriage not to expect anything from him.Pulkit tells no one does this much for anyone in today’s time.

Sai gets angry that you are also taking his side. Pulkit tells her you are married but you are just like a kid,I look at you and remember my eight year old daughter Harini. He asks her what was her husband’s name? Sai tells him his name is ACP Virat Chavan,Pulkit goes into a flashback on listening to Chavan.

Devyani is asking Pulkit if he has the courage to run away with Ex Nagesh Chavan’s daughter and threatens him not to think about any other girl as they share a hug.Sai tells she is getting late for next class. Pulkit thinks maybe Sai is somehow related to Devyani.

Bhavani asks Devyani where is she going? Devyani tells I am going to meet my husband. Bhavani tells to hold her and send her to room and lock it from outside. Virat asks to leave her. Devyani tells you are good everyone else is bad. Virat tells I will talk with them,Bhavani tells no one will talk about this incident.

Pakhi tells she wants to talk something important with Virat. Sai is about to leave the room and tells you cannot talk with him openly in front of me. Virat tells going out now is like insulting Pakhi. Sai tells but listening to other people’s personal talk is also wrong. Virat asks both of them to calm down.

Pakhi tells shall I book my tickets,maybe you will be busy in office work so I can book it. She tells him not to forget to keep warm clothes. Pakhi tells you can give me your clothes I can pack them in one bag. Sai says he can’t give you anything because I will pack his bag. Pakhi tells I forgot that now Virat’s wife is there to take care of him. Sai wonders why isn’t Virat telling Pakhi that Virat has asked Sai to join her.

Pakhi asks if we are going to stay a few days for sightseeing. Virat tells he doesn’t think they will feel like sight-seeing after completing Samrat’s office work. Pakhi tells you can say so because he is your brother,but for me he is almost a stranger. Sai tells why don’t you fulfil Pakhi didi’s wish and stay a few days? Pakhi tells it is quite evident that she doesn’t like us going on a trip. Sai tells Pakhi clear one thing,Virat is no one for me so I don’t care who he goes with.

Precap – Sai finished packing and asks Virat if she has to keep anything else? Sunny tells maybe Virat should inform Pakhi that he is taking Sai along with her on the trip. Virat tells he is trying to do something good. Sunny tells he is about to create an explosion.

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