Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th September 2022 Written Update: Virat gets attacked by Gulabrao’s goons

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi calling Virat while Vinayak gives the phone to him. The latter starts talking to her while she shows her concern towards him. She ask about his wounds, whereas he lies about it and assures that he is fine. He ends the call stating that he is busy and will call her back soon. Meanwhile, Sai gets jealous finding that Virat was talking to his wife. She gets inside the kitchen and tries to keep her busy with the work, while Usha notices her and questions about the matter. She says that Sai is affected by Virat’s presence and is concerned for his present life, to which Sai denies and proclaims that she doesn’t care about him.

Here, Sai tells that she just wants to help Vinayak and is waiting for him to recover. She proclaims that Virat’s presence doesn’t affect her at all. Meanwhile, Usha tries to make her understand and insists her to clarify her differences with Virat, but Sai declines the idea and reminds about all her sufferings and proclaims that Virat doesn’t care about her.

Sai recalls the past and reminds Usha that he never even tried to search for her. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets into suspicion after hearing the familiar voice but couldn’t able to recognise it. She then shares her worry with Ashwini and prays for Virat and Vinayak’s safety. Ashwini also prays along with her and gets concerned for Virat and Vinayak.

Elsewhere, Virat goes out to take Vinayak along with him but the latter requests to stay a little more along with Savi. Virat agrees to his request and smiles seeing the kids play. Whereas, Sai also stands there and tries to aid Virat but the latter denies to take her help. They both starts their argument about forgetting one another. Sai blames Virat for not looking after her when she left the house, while he reminds her about the situation and says that he tried to stop her but she was adamant.

Sai and Virat gets furious upon one another and recalls the day when they got separated. Sai blames Virat for not looking after her and starting a new life. She points towards Virat’s son Vinayak while he puts same accuses on her and questions about Savi. The latter replies that she is her own child, but Virat denies to accept it and ask about her father’s name.

Ahead, Sai recalls how she mentioned her name on father as well as mother’s name and tells the same reply to Virat. He accuses her for moving on in her life without caring about him. He questions her for not calling him or informing about her being alive, to which she questions that why he didn’t came to find her near the accident spot.

Virat shouts at Sai and tells that he tried a lot to find her and their son Vinayak, but got devastated finding about their death. He tells that he have seen their names on the dead list, while she denies to believe him.. She taunts him for marrying another women and having a kids with her. She also scolds him for giving Vinayak’s name to the child, while he ask her same for Savi’s name.

Further, Virat was about to leave along with Vinayak when Gulabrao’s goons attacked them. They hits Virat while everyone gets shocked and Sai helps him. They starts beating the goons, while suddenly one of them took Savi away from there. Meanwhile, Mohit goes inside Pakhi’s room and shows his gratitude towards her for trusting in him when no one else did. She motivates him and then goes away along with them.

Precap:- Sai and Virat fights with the goons of Gulabrao in order to save Savi. Sai gets worried for her daughter, while Gulabrao points gun at her. Savi keeps crying being scared with the gun, while Sai shouts at Virat to save their daughter. The latter runs to save Savi, while Gulabrao’s fires a bullet. Meanwhile, Sai gets dumbstruck.

Episode starts with Chavans preparing for special dishes to welcome Devyani and Pulkit’s daughter Harini. They becomes excited to bring her to their house, while Pulkit comes there before his daughter and meets all the family members. Meanwhile, Virat gets into a fight with Gulabrao and his goons. The latter gets furious as Gulabrao speaks ill about Sai and her character. Virat takes a stand for the dignity of the latter and gives a warning to Gulabrao. He also ask the latter to stay away from Sai and proclaims that he won’t leave him if he again tries to trouble Sai.

Here, Sai gets shocked seeing the fight and tries to stop Virat. She sees him injured and gets concerned but he denies to stop himself from teaching a lesson to Gulabrao. The latter keels telling about his power and proclaims to harm Virat, but he doesn’t gets scared and stays firm on his statement.

Gulabrao rushes away from there along with his goons, as soon as he got the opportunity. He also threatens to kill Virat for hitting him and goes away from there. Virat was about to run away behind them but Sai stops him and says that she can look after her matters. She ask Virat not to get involved in her issues, to which he says that he would do it for anyone.

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