Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2022 Written Update: Ashwini, Virat’s heart to heart conversation

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st December 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Virat scolds Pakhi for coming downstairs in such condition. Pakhi asks Virat if he really cares for her. She asks him to let her go. Virat says that he will accompany her. Pakhi warns him to not touch her as she can go alone. Virat says it’s not right time for Pakhi to vent her anger. Vinayak says that he will drop Pakhi. Pakhi tries to talk but feels acute pain. Others make her sit and have water. Virat tells Ashwini that Pakhi’s condition is not good so he is calling the doctor. Pakhi asks him to not call doctor as she is fine.

Vinayak calls Sai and asks her to come as Pakhi’s condition is not good. Doctor asks him to take care of Pakhi and says that she is coming. Sai tries to call Virat then she leaves for his house. Pakhi complains that Virat doesn’t take care of her and her existence doesn’t matter to him at all. She asks him to just stay away from her.

She asks why he is caring for her when he didn’t look at her when she was dying. She again complains that Virat rescued Sai instead of her. Virat tells Pakhi that he didn’t know that she was inside the bus. Pakhi says that Virat doesn’t even know that she is there in his life. She says that he has given her false hopes everytime as he chooses Sai over her everytime. She asks Virat to leave orelse she will commit suicide. Others get shocked. She feels ridiculous as God saved her and cries.

Pulkit asks others to go out of the room. He checks Pakhi and asks her to relax. Sai arrives at Virat’s house. Virat asks her what she is doing there. Sai says that Vinayak has called her and informed her about Pakhi’s condition. Sai tries to go inside, Virat stops her. He asks her to not worry as Pulkit is inside. Sai asks what happened suddenly. Virat says that he can’t explain her now.

Bhavani says that Pakhi will get restless if she sees Sai and announces that she will not let Sai come inside the house. Sai says that she will meet to take follow up of Pakhi. Virat asks her to not do anything. Sai asks why she can’t go inside. Virat says that Pakhi is Pulkit’s patient not hers. Virat says that he doesn’t want further dramas and says sorry to Saj for the inconveniences. He says that he doesn’t want Sai to check Pakhi or go near her. Sai leaves.

Bhavani and others think that Virat has taken the right decision this time. Later, Ashwini asks Virat to go and sleep. Virat says that he can’t sleep as Pakhi is in pain. He says that he wants to take care of her but Pakhi doesn’t want her to stay with her. He says that he wants to stay close to Pakhi. Ashwini supports Virat. She says that it’s important to express the love sometimes. She asks Virat to try every possible ways to save his and Pakhi’s relationship. She says that Pakhi is very much hurt and Virat has to heal her heart. Virat says that no matter how much he tries to keep Pakhi happy but he ends up hurting her more.

Ashwini says that Pakhi loves him a lot and his love is the only thing she wants. Virat says that he doesn’t feel that emotion for Pakhi and can’t love her like the way he loved Sai. Ashwini asks her to dedicate this life to Pakhi. Sai writes her resignation letter and mails it to someone. Virat cooks breakfast for Pakhi and asks Ashwini to give her the breakfast and medicine. At office, Virat recalls Ashwini’s words. Sai comes there and gives him her resignation letter. Virat asks her the reason. Sai says that Pakhi can’t be at peace if she and Savi stays there so she doesn’t want to give her more pain by working with Virat. The episode ends.

Precap – Vinayak talks to Savi over video call. Sai joins them. Pakhi asks Virat if he will give her the place of her better half. Virat holds her hands, takes pheras and considers her as his wife infront of the family. Sai sees everything and looks shattered.

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