Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th November 2022 Written Update: Savi gets upset with Sai’s decision

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavani and Sonali making fun of Savi. They proclaims that the school will never take her admission, while Ashwini and Ninad takes a stand for their granddaughter and ask Bhavani not to pass such comments. Ninad proclaims to do anything to get Savi admit in the same school as Vinayak. They think about Savi’s brighter future and buys gifts for her, while at that time Virat comes there and notify about Savi clearing the interview. He glares at Bhavani and states that his daughter has impressed the principal with her skill and the latter even declared that Savi can join Vinayak’s class.

Here, Ashwini and Ninad gets elated learning about it and shows their happiness. Whereas, Bhavani becomes furious. Ashwini ask that from when Savi is joining the school, to which Virat replies that she isn’t going there. He tells them about Sai’s decision that her daughter won’t study in such lavish school, as it will not make her a better human.

Ninad states that Vinayak’s school is the best one in Nagpur, while Virat agrees to it and says that they can’t change Sai’s decision. Pakhi gets shocked finding about it and proclaims that Sai should know that the school is really best for the kids. Virat tells that Sai decided to admit Savi in an average school where she will study as well as learn to become a good human being.

Elsewhere, Usha gives sweet dish to Savi while the latter ask Sai that if she can eat it? She questions that if she passed the interview or not? To which Sai replies that she cleared it with flying colours. Savi gets elated and eats the sweet dish. She becomes excited to join Vinayak and proclaims that she will study along with him. She goes inside her room to bring a gift for Sai.

Sai notify Usha about her decision that she won’t get Savi admitted to the same school as Vinayak. She proclaims that the lifestyle of such kids aren’t suitable to Savi. Whereas, Usha ask that how she will make Savi understand it? Sai gets into worry while her daughter comes there and makes her wear a flower hairband. Sai expresses her gratitude towards Savi.

Ahead, Sai ask Savi to bring a gold hairband for her while the latter says that she doesn’t have so muh of money. Sai makes her daughter understand the value of things and proclaims that if something is costly then it doesn’t mean that it is good. She tells her decision to Savi that she isn’t going to Vinayak’s school and says that she will get enroll in Virat’s school. Savi starts crying and makes a request to Sai but the latter takes a promise from her.

Virat brings back Vinayak from school and notify hom about Sai’s decision. He gets upset as well as shocked. He ask that if Savi cleared the interview then why Sai isn’t allowing her to study with him. He complains that he doesn’t have any friends and wanted to enjoy his school with Savi. He becomes sad while Virat gets an idea to handle the situation.

Further, Bhavani and Sonali orders snacks and ask everyone to have it. Whereas, Ninad and Ashwini gets upset with her behavior. Mohit sees Karishma with a guy and becomes furious while she ignores him. Meanwhile, Virat comes there and tells his decision that he will get Vinayak admit to the same school as of Savi. Pakhi gets shocked by his decision, while Vinayak becomes happy. Virat also reveals that it’s the same school in which he had studied. Pakhi goes against his decision while they both gets into an argument. Pakhi scolds Vinayak and sends him to his room, while Virat stays firm on his decision proclaiming that he will fulfill his kids wish to study together.

Precap:- Pakhi meets Sai in the cafe and apologises to her for calling in urgency. She reminds Savi that Virat is trying to send Vinayak to same school as of Savi and proclaims that she have problem with that. Sai states that she tried to talk to Virat bit he isn’t ready to listen to her. Pakhi states that she can’t let her son gets sandwiched in between them, while Sai ask that what she can do? To which Pakhi ask her to leave Nagpur along with her daughter. She states that Sai can go anywhere she wants and assures that she will provide all the expense. Meanwhile, Sai sees Virat and takes his name, while Pakhi turns and sees him glaring at her after hearing their conversation.

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