Gud Se Meetha Ishq 12th May 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi decided to leave the house

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 12th May 2022 Written Update.on

Episode begins with Satyakam passing by Kajal’s house and after seeing a possession in front of Kajal’s house, he calls a person and asks what is happening ? That person told him about the marriage ceremony of Kajal and he said we had no idea about it since Pallavi ji never told me about it. He gets down from the car and goes inside the house and gets shocked to see Phool Singh there and he couldn’t believe that Kajal is getting married to someone who is double her age.

On the other side in Delhi, the family members are again scolding Pari for winning the breakfast arrangements of Bhoomi while Neil is trying to lighten the situation. Dhruv asks if anybody is thinking about my wife or not as she made breakfast for all the family members with so much enthusiasm and happiness and due to Pari di it got ruined and not only that the food also splashed over her clothes.

Neil tries to make Dhruv understand that Paridhi doesn’t do anything intentionally or with the intention to hurt Bhoomi. It was just an accident and it can happen by anyone. Satyakam meets Pallavi and asks her why are you marrying your young beautiful girl to a man like him and Phool Singh gets disappointed. An argument took place between Satyakam and Phool Singh and he said, “ I want to meet Kajal after seeing the video.” He says all of you have girls at home, then why are you making a viral video of a girl ?

Dhruv comes into the room when his uncle asks him to take care of Bhoomi. As soon as he enters the room he sees that Bhoomi is packing her clothes in a suitcase and she is looking angry. He tries to ask her why she is packing a suitcase when she said that she is leaving the house as she feels unsafe around Pari and she cannot stay in this house like this where everyday she has to be upset and sad due to her madness. Dhruv tries to make her understand that his sister Pari is not doing anything intentionally or with an agenda against her. It is just an accident and she is actually an innocent person who has no intention of hurting anybody in the house.

Bhoomi says in that case you have to say sorry to me everyday because your sister is clearly not backing off from her activities. Neil comes into Pari’s room and tries to sing in a very bad voice and due to that Pari starts laughing and says to him that you should not sing when you can’t. Neil says to her that if you don’t stop crying now then I will continue singing in this horrible voice and you have to bear with me.

Dhruv comes and asks Pari to say sorry to Bhoomi or else she will leave the house. Pari comes to Bhoomi and says why are you leaving your own house and says I am also an elder person but I never feel bad about anyone or anything then why do others get offended with me all the time ? She says I am not responsible for whatever happened and pointed towards Neil. Neil says sorry to Bhoomi as well and leaves from their room and Bhoomi says Pari is not mentally challenged but she is cunning and knows how to answer back people.

Here in Uttarakhand, Satyakam got to know everything about that incident which happened with Kajal and he also gets to know about Neil as well. He says to Kajal that he will do everything in his power to help her out. He called nail but his phone was switched off, then he called Bhoomi but she hung up the call saying call me when you feel like talking to me. Neil is trying to contact Kajal and recalled her number.

Precap – Kajal is sitting for marriage like a statue almost and Neil is coming to meet her.

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