November 21, 2019
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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th October 2019 Written Update: Alisha decides to marry Perv

Today’s episode starts with AJ thanking to Guddan. Perv ask Alisha is she feeling better. Alisha ask Perv he is handsome that how got trapped with Revti’s. Guddan sees Perv and Alisha together and yells at Perv. She warns and asks Perv to stay away from Alisha. Perv laughs. Alisha asks Guddan what she is getting hyper on Perv. Guddan asks Alisha did Perv was saying something wrong to her. Alisha says he can’t come closer to her till she wants. She further yells at Guddan.

Guddan tries to make Alisha understand but Alisha misunderstands her and challenges Guddan. Guddan accepts Alisha’s challenge.

Later, Guddan recalls Alisha’s word and gets tensed. AJ comes and fills Guddan’s hairline with the sindoor. He asks Guddan is she worrying because of Alisha. Guddan shares her fear with AJ. AJ ask Guddan to trust him and hugs her.

Ahead, decorators decorate the Jindal house. AJ and Guddan ask who called them. Alisha comes and tells to everyone that she called the decorators and will give big surprise to family. Alisha gets ready.

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Other side, few boys arrive at Jindal house and AJ ask who are they. Alisha comes and tells to everyone that she called them for her swayamvar. AJ and Guddan gets angry on Alisha for her extreme step.

Alisha says today none can stop her from doing swayamvar. She proceeds to choose groom for her. AJ ask Alisha to stop her madness. She further chooses Perv, as her husband and everyone get shocked.

AJ gets angry on Perv and beats him. Alisha stops AJ and yells back at AJ. Guddan ask Revti to stop Perv from getting married. Revti tells to Guddan that she has already filed divorce. She taunts Guddan and Guddan gets angry on Revti. She further asks Alisha not to take any decision in hurry, as Perv is not right choice for her. Alisha says today she will end up marry with Perv. Guddan and AJ stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

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