Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th January 2020 Written Update: Guddan tricked Antara and sits in the place of bride

Episode begins with Aj says to the priest that his mother will do the knot tying ceremony of him and Antara. He thinks I will go and call him for the marriage ceremony to be complete the ritual and he is about to go when Antara does drama in front of him and asks him to back off from the marriage if he wants to do so. AJ gets triggered again and says he will not stop at any cost now. He asks the priest to do the needful as soon as possible. His mother comes there and fakes to faint in front of him.

AJ gets worried and takes her inside the room while on the other side. Antara gets pissed. AJ asks Antara to wait with his mother and he goes to call the doctor. As soon as he goes Guddan comes there with a spray and make Antara unconscious. Before AJ can come back to the room Golden Gates ready in the attire of the bride and placed under below the bed with tying her hands and legs.

AJ goes back to the dias to complete the rituals left to for the marriage. The places that the timeline for the marriage is already over but we can also complete it now but we have to restart the whole thing from the very beginning. Durga is driving the car but at the middle of the road the car gets stopped and she gets down from it to get a lift.

The moment film gets a card and goes into it to ask for the left she realised that the car is driven by Parav and Saraswati. She somehow comes out of the car and runs from there and goes into a garage. after series of hide and seek Durga is successful to get out of the garage and locking them inside. Guddan is worried that she has to take up such a way to get married to AJ.

the mother of a jaaye is trying her best to complete the marriage rituals without letting Akshat know that it is Guddan sitting besides him and not Antara. Antara is slowly coming back to sense that she is tied up to do anything.

Durga gets a lift from an auto but she gets shocked to see that Parav and Saraswati are standing in front of him. They somehow gets successful in taking the pendrive from the hand of Durga and starts to harass her. Padav throws away the pendrive but Lakshmi holds it and says today Antara will go out of the house and Guddan will stay. They missguided Saraswati and padav and eloped from there with Durga in their car.

The mother in law of Guddan is praying to God that the marriage should be done without any interruptions henceforth and this will be the real justice.

Guddan is worried for the health of Durga Lakshmi and Revathi. She thinks that I didn’t want to get married to AJ like this, I wish Durga reached there on time and I can produce the proof of my innocence in front of Akshat.