Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd September 2019 Written Update: Revti threatens AJ!

Today’s episode starts with Parv asking AJ to donate something to poor peoples on the occasion of first day of Navratri. Aj’s mother hears their talks and permits Parv to donate whatever he wants to. AJ thinks it is getting difficult for him to bear Parv. Ahead, Guddan disguise as the same mask person and comes to meet AJ. AJ about to reveal the truth but Guddan unmask herself before he completes his talk.

Aj gets shocked and further ask Guddan to stay out of the matter. Guddan promises to dig deep into the matter. Aj calls and ask the mask person to be careful, as Guddan has started doubting on him. AJ thinks Guddan won’t be able to bear the truth but she does not understand.

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Guddan in the night thinks to execute her plan but faints after drinking water. Aj thinks he won’t let Guddan to execute her plan thus he will fail all her plans.

Antra burns mask person jacket and clothes. Here, Guddan thinks she has hidden camera in God’s feet and in the morning she will unveil the peson. Other side, Revti unveils herself as the mask person and says to Antra that she won’t spare Guddan. She further says she is her step-sister and now will burn Guddan’s life same like these clothes. Revti gets angry. Antra consoles Revti and ask her to calm down.

Revti returns and AJ confronts her. He asks Revti not to  harm to Guddan and must remember the deal he made. Revti says that she remembers it but if she ever feels the hidden love of him is coming in between in  her plans than she will definitely kill Gudan. Guddan wakes up in the morning and goes to the place of worship to see the camera. She takes out the memory card and thanks God for supporting her. (Episode ends)

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