Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd December 2019 written update: Guddan gets to know about the blackmailer for Alisha

Episode begins with everyone of the family gather together in the hall and settled on the couches. Guddan announces in between of all that they are going to start the game soon and it will leave us happy and impressed. Guddan pretends to ask for pillow for the game and also shows like she got jumbled upon and hold Alisha for balance. Alisha says to Guddan, if you can’t even take a catch properly then how will you going to win this game? Guddan slowly whispers in her ear that she has to sit with the sound box has to play the song required for the game. Alisha didn’t find any reason for Guddan saying such things to her but without asking any further questions in such an auspicious moment she agreed. Everyone is looking excited and joyful to play the game.

Alisha started the music and Guddan is keeping an eye on whom she is going to stop the song. Vikrant is about to take the pillow from AJ but he got a call and gets up from the game. Alisha thinks that he misses a chance to tell Guddan about the blackmailer of her. Alisha is lost in thoughts about herself and the song is keep on playing on and on. Revati comes there and ask her to get up as Alisha is not stopping the song and they don’t have a whole day to sit at for playing the game.

Alisha protested at first but then she agrees with Revati words. Alisha came and took the seat of Revati while having a look at Guddan.
Everyone is playing pass the parcel and the personal first of all stops at dadi, Lakshmi asks her to sing a song for the entire family as they didn’t hear her singing from the long time and second she left singing forever but still wants to sing a song. Dadi does it on everybody’s demand. the second round of the passing the parcel game has started and the decorations and everything was arranged by Kuhu and Mishtin . Guddan thinks if I didn’t stop it then I will not get the chance to know from Alisha who is that person. While thinking about all this Guddan finally realised that it is near about out Kya? Guddan gets up from her sleep and is about to go when Revati comes and says,” you made us all sit together here for the game. You wanted to spread happiness in the house right? Then when it is your turn how can you just leave like that Guddan?Dadi asks Guddan to do a romantic couple dance with AJ.

Guddan and AJ performed with each other and she is looking at him all smiling. In the third circle Parav got out and says that before you people can assign me any task I am giving it ask to myself. He says I also want to do a romantic dance number with my wife. He brings Revati back from the chair of playing music. Alisha goes back to the chair so that she can fulfill the work and let Guddan knows about it. The final round for the game has started and the pillow is being passed on from one to another. When AJ passed the pillow to Vikrant Alisha stopped the music. Guddan gets to know no and she went up to AJ and informed him the same. AJ comes to the room of Alisha and Vikrant and starts to beat him for blackmailing and torturing Alisha. Vikrant says not me but your daughter Alisha is torturing me. (Episode Ends)