Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th August 2020 Written Update: Ganga has fun making Jindal family suffer

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan coming in the Jindal house and shouting asking for Ganga to come out. Durga comes and apologizes for making such a big mistake by listening to Ganga. Guddan ignores her and shouts again asking Ganga to come out. Avinash comes and says that he will bring her.

Avinash opens the door of the room to get Ganga but is shocked not to see her there.

Lakshmi goes downstairs and asks Guddan if she found out anything about Choti but just then Ganga comes there wearing white clothes ad open hair. Guddan says that she has fulfilled the responsibility of a relative and now can see her drama. She asks directly and expects a direct answer about her baby’s whereabouts. Ganga starts laughing but Guddan covers her mouth with a hand and says that it’s enough and now she will break her teeth and put them on her hand. She warns Ganga and asks her where Choti is. Ganga smirks and says that she didn’t expect her to insult her new attire like this. She says that she should have asked her the reason at least but now she will tell it herself: one is that she lost her baby because of her, she snatched her husband and she slapped her so she wanted to avenge all this. Guddan asks if she thought to target a little kid. Ganga says it’s obvious that kids have to pay for parents’ deeds. Guddan asks her again to tell directly where Choti is otherwise she will apply other ways. Ganga starts enacting Guddan crying and laughs. Guddan begs her where Choti is. Ganga says that she will reveal it but not so simply. She asks if she should sing or dance and decides to do both. Saraswati comes there.

Ganga starts performing Naagin dance on “main naagin tu sapera”. Guddan cries. Saraswati seems enjoying all this. Guddan gets angry and throws phone on floor and asks her to stop. Ganga asks how she will stay without her daughter. She says that she has been suffering since months and she can’t even stay without her baby for few minutes when there is a lot more to happen yet. She notices sweat on Guddan’s head and is about to clean it but Guddan holds her hand and pushes her away.

Avinash asks Ganga to tell where Choti is for him at least but she refuses saying that she threw her away like a mosquito on tea so now she will behave like bee. She insults Guddan and also Charulatha. Avinash gets angry and yells at him. Ganga says that he has lost all rights to talk to her like this and she has worn white because he and whole family are dead for her. Avinash asks to tell where Choti is if she doesn’t care about the family but Ganga refuses.

Ganga blames Guddan for making Avinash go against her. She says that everyone in the family has become Guddan’s servants. Durga is about to interfere but Ganga stops her and says that she is done with hearing Guddan’s chant every day. Saraswati enjoys the drama a lot and wishes to get popcorns. Ganga keeps insulting the family and Avinash gets enraged. Avinash is about to slap Ganga but some goons come and hold him. Ganga mocks him.

Avinash comes and beats a goon but some others surround him threatening with gun. Ganga says that he shouldn’t forget that Choti is with her and these men can do anything for her, even kill or die for her.

Guddan cries and says that she will do anything she wants. She begs Ganga kneeling at her feet and asks to tell where Choti is. Ganga mocks her and says that she feels like telling her where Choti is but doesn’t want her efforts to go in vain so she wants to have more fun. She says that she wants to tell a story to entertain them more. She reveals Guddan how she made everyone believe that her baby was born dead giving money to doctor and making her daughter disappear from the house but she came back in the house directly in Guddan’s lap so she called those fake parents. She says that she made Durga a villain of the story as well and finally got successful. She refuses to tell about Choti’s whereabouts. Guddan asks what she wants then. Ganga says that she wants to play a spicy game called “Bachana ae haseena” where haseena is Guddan and she has to save Choti. She says that the game will go on for three days and only two will be the players of the game: Ganga and Guddan. If Guddan wins then she will get Choti otherwise she will kill Choti.

Akshat gets enraged and is about to attack Ganga but goon hits him. Ganga bends down near Akshat who has fallen down and mocks him.

Durga blames herself for whatever happened. Ganga agrees that she made mistake. Durga says that she is disgusted by her. Ganga warns her to talk carefully. She goes in front of Guddan and asks why she is bearing everything silently. She also asks Akshat to be careful because Choti could get harmed with any little mistake by them.

Episode ends