Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2020 Written Update: Aliya got to know about Pragya

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Episode starts with Riya enters Abhi room with Meets and Aliya and she asks Nurse about Abhi condition. Nurse says he is fine. Sarita feels pain in her heel. Shahana asks Prachi to go so she stays with Sarita. Nurse says where his wife went. Aliya takes her aside and asks whom you’re talking about. Nurse says he fainted with his wife in Lift and her name is Pragya and I called some lady from Pragya phone and her name is some s and she is coming here with Pragyas daughter. Aliya says Sarla and closes the door. Prachi can’t open the door. Aliya gives so much money and asks nurse to get the picture of Pragya daughter once she came here and asks her to WhatsApp her. Prachi goes back to get help thinking door is jammed.

Riya asks Abhi to open his eyes in tears. Abhi regains conscious. Riya feels happy. Abhi asks when you came. Riya says now I’m back and will reach to home with. Abhi asks her to not cry than he notices his side bed is empty and asks where is she. Aliya says she has gone And asks Meera to settle the bill so they can leave. Abhi thinks how can Pragya leave without saying anything. Abhi leaves with them saying he is tired of hospital. Prachi and Shana nurses Sarla Ben feet. Aliya thinks Pragya might Inform to her daughter that Abhi is her dad so we must leave from hospital immediately.

Nurse thinks do much money for single pic and than she notices Pragya in unconscious state and she wakes her up and asks how you reached to here. Than Pragya thinks how she lost her conscious in bathroom because of suffocation and says she don’t know what happened next.

Prachi and others reaches to room and she asks mom are you fine. Pragya says she is fine. Nurse clicks Prachi pics.
Abhi says he is fine and asks everyone to leave from his room. Riya says she won’t leave him. Abhi asks how’s your holiday. Riya and others gets shocked. Aliya and Meera manages the situation. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to you because you didn’t answered my calls, did you get my gift I send it to your London address. Riya says she got it. Abhi says you don’t said thank you. Riya says she thought to thank personally. Abhi asks which colour you like. Riya gets tensed. Aliya makes excuse and sends Riya to prepare a coffee for Abhi.
Vikram says I hate you. Abhi says feelings are mutual. Vikram asks where you went during Sangeet. Abhi says I will charge if I attend Sangeet.

Riya calls Minty to know about gift but she won’t attend the call than Riya searches how to make coffee in YouTube.
Ranbir notices Riya and asks when you’re back? So good to see you. Riya says she came in the noon.

Ranbir says we missed you so much and tell me about your London trip. Riya says she came back once she gets to know about his Sangeet with Maya and I can’t see you get married to anyone. Ranbir says even I can’t but I’m happy to see you’re back, anyways what are you doing in kitchen. Riya says she is preparing coffee for Abhi. Ranbir says he will help her because it’s for his cheif. Both prepares coffee while teasing eachother. Meera notice them and feels happy. Ranbir pours Coffee in cup. Riya cuts Prachi call on his phone. Than Prachi again calls him. Riya takes his phone and asks who’s important me or phone. Ranbir says coffee is important. Riya switches off his phone and takes coffee tray. Shahana teases Prachi. Prachi thinks true, why I’m feeling bad when he is not answering my calls.
Ranbir says Riya you go, I will see who called me. Riya stops him saying dad was at hospital and now he is fine, won’t you meet him. Ranbir says he will meet him and goes to Abhi room forgetting about his calls.