Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 24th October 2019: AJ and Guddan fights for Alisha!

Today’s episode starts with Guddan asking AJ to cut the pot, as she trusts him. AJ says to Guddan that it is risky. Guddan ask AJ to not to worry, Alisha gives cutter to AJ and AJ resuses Guddan. He further about to slap Alisha but Guddan stops him not to raise hand on daughter since it is dhanteras. Alisha gets angry and AJ too. Alisha breaks stuff in her room and Revti goes to meet her. She manipulates Alisha. Alisha asks Revti and Saraswati to come with her, as she will show them something.

AJ gets angry on Alisha’s act and vents out at Guddan for supporting Alisha. Guddan tries to consoles AJ but AJ refuses to listen to Guddan. There, Revti, Saraswati and Alisha get happy seeing Guddan and AJ doing argument.

Further, AJ and Guddan does patch and AJ tries to get closer to Guddan and at the same time AJ’s mother Guddan calls her. Guddan does the preparation for diwali. Later, AJ too helps Guddan in decoration and does romance with her. AJ’s mother again interrupts Guddan and AJ.

Afterwards, AJ’s mother asks Durga did she clean the place so that they can establish God’s idol there. Durga says she has cleaned and decorated the place too. Alisha interrupts and says they can put God’s idol for the pooja because at that place she will establish her mother Antra’s idol. Jindal family stands shocked. (Episode Ends)