Harman and Soumya separated?

Colors popular show ‘Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki’ is again back with the separation track of Soumya and Harman in the show. It seems that problems and obstacles seem never-ending for this couple. It’s not that we have not seen it before, but this time the wound is much deep and the stuff is taken too far to be back at the spot again. Shakti which stars Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik in the leading roles is starting an all-new journey of her life as more kin again and this time as a Guruma (the leader of the more kin community and spokesperson) who will work for their welfare.

In the last episode, we have seen how Soumya in a feat of rage stepped in more kin world and decided to serve her life for the welfare of Kinnars and they’re well being. She completed the puja and rituals and took an oath of serving the community and never leave their side and this world. Soumya after becoming guru maa took the charge of the throne and says towards the fellow folks over there that people who belong from this more kin world needs to be self-dependent and confident enough. Expecting to be loved by people from the outer world will be a case of living in the paradise of fools.

On the other hand, Harman entered the camp and questioned Soumya reason behind the act. In tonight episodes viewers will see Harman asking what is the reason behind this kind of behavior of her, where he failed as a lover or husband? He will go on and say he is ready to take a toll on the entire world for her but all she does is to come here and be the guruma. Later he will exit the camp yelling in anger. Saaya will try to convince him and asks him to try to make Soumya realize she did wrong. However, Harman disturbed and disheartened by the recent occurring in his life refuse to pay attention to anything and leaves from there. Well, separation is always painful and straightens love but forceful distance can make the opposite.

Lets see what turn will take the lives of Harman and Soumya in upcoming episodes.