Ishq Mein Marjawan: Deep discloses his past to Aarohi

High voltage drama is never ending in Colors TV show, Ishq Mein Marjawan. Hate-love story of Deep and Aarohi holds the audience’s attention and what is Deep’s hidden motive is the another reason for the fans of the show to tune-on Ishq Mein Marjawan.

In the episodes, Aarohi worries for her sister Kia. Aarohi ask Deep to tell her where is Kia. Randhir comes and beats Deep in front of Aarohi and his mother. Aarohi feels the pain and covers the Deep. Deep gets angry and shouts at his Dad. Later, Randhir tells to Aarohi and Vasu that Deep is planning something big under their nose. He is his son and he will not let him to walk on a wrong path. He killed Tara, Netra and don’t know who is next. Aarohi says to Randhir that Deep can’t do this, Vasu too supports Aarohi.

There, Kidnappers troubles Kia. Aarohi worries for Kia. Aarohi goes to Ranbir and ask him to find Kia. Ranbir assures her to bring back Kia safely. Deep comes to Aarohi and ask her to celebrate his win. Aarohi screams at Deep and ask him to tell her about Kia. Kia comes and tells Aarohi not to doubt Deep, as her has saved her from the kidnappers. Aarohi looks at Deep and thinks he is unbelievable to understand.

Now, in the upcoming episode viewers will witness another suspicious twist. Randhir will be seen contacting to someone. Aarohi will find some file in his cupboard and will ask the Deep to tell her what he is planning. Later, Deep will tell about his past to Aarohi and will ask her to stay out of it. Afterwards, she informs Randhir about Deep’s arms dealing.

Aarohi is trusting Deep’s father, do he is double crossing her, well time will only tell.

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