Horror shows ruled 2018, varied subjects will work next year: TV show producers

From horror content to innovative subjects; TV producers review tends and predicts what will happen next year.



Binaifer S. Kohli: The trend is to watch good and more comedies. The upcoming trend will be inclined more towards the web, people will get to see more content on the web.


Rajan Shahi: Now, there are going to be more serials on the digital platform. More offbeat topics will be approached. The target audience has become such that it has all types of people.


Sonali Jaffar: In 2018, horror shows were trendy. There was a time when the saas-bahu dramas were a trend, but now horror shows are doing really well. The audiences like to watch different subjects, so one has to come up with shows on varied subjects to keep them engaged.


Mamta Patnaik: 2018 saw a strong impact of OTT players with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Alt, Zee5 launching some aggressive content. This sets the stage well for 2019. TV is slowly catching up with some seasonal content. It will be interesting to see how TV will manage to combat the onslaught of OTT in 2019. There is no immediate danger to TV as it has a huge base but with data price dropping and the rapid increase in smartphone users, digital content will gain more prominence. TV show makers will have to innovate and take risks with content to stay relevant in the long run.


Ravindra Gautam: One trend I noticed in 2018 is huge big historical shows have not worked with the audience.  I think one should understand that television is all about emotion, story, and drama, a show like Radha Krishna have worked. It doesn’t have too much of action, but it’s a simple love story which grabbed audiences attention. According to me loud drama, action, huge graphics, has not worked on Indian television as such. The shows which have good content with emotions is a trend. I hope seasons become a trend and entertaining content whether it is horror, or light-hearted entertainment like Nimki Mukhiya, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain or Jijaji Chhat Per Hain are doing very well. No longer the Saas-bahu shows are ruling the chart.