Imlie 17th January 2023 Written Update: Arto insists Rathods to stay at Rana house

Imlie 17th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rupy getting to know Sundar is inside the house. She calls the fire brigade. Chini notifies Arpita she thought Sundar went to the market with her and she was out to pick Anu up. Arpita says he is sleeping in the room. Chini gets shocked knowing that and she panics. Anu says such small sacrifices will happen for a big achievement. Chini shouts at her saying Sundar is her family and her enmity is with Imlie only. Chini seeks help from Imlie and Arto to save Sundar. Imlie says she won’t let anything happen to Sundar. They go inside and search for Sundar.

Sundar is lying unconscious in the room and Arto Imlie take him out. Imlie tells Arto take Sundar out of the house for fresh air quickly. Arto says then what will happen to her? Imlie strictly tells him to leave and then she tries to come out with the Sita Maiya idol. She almost faints due to smoke, there Rathods get relieved seeing Sundar safe. Fire brigade people arrive and Arto realises Imlie is stuck inside. He tries to enter but the fire flame gets high. Imlie comes out of the house with the idol and everyone gets happy. Arto can’t control himself and he ends up hugging her. Chini gets jealous seeing that.

Imlie tells Arto she is fine and she explains how Sita Maiya saved her and the water extinguished the fire. Arto shows concern for Imlie to the doctor specially and Sundar teases him. Arto says he is talking about both Sundar and Imlie. Anu says now where the Rathods will stay as their house got burnt. Anu says her own house is under construction. Arpita says they can stay in hotel or farm house. Rupy says but it will be too far and wedding shopping won’t be possible. Imlie thinks Rudra will have problem with Chini’s presence in Rana house and Arto will face it too. Abhishek says they can stay in his house to which Chini thinks he is failing her plan.

However Arto insists Rathods to stay in Rana house and Imlie will be able to help them too. Imlie stays quiet and Arto’s parents also give them permission to stay there. Imlie thinks why she feels like Arto did it for her. Arto thinks Imlie cant lose trust for him this time as well. He will inform her about Chini’s text. They bump into each other, Arto asks her about Sundar and she asks him about his parents. They both get confused and then Imlie says why he stopped her family today just for the sake of friendship. Arto says he got inspired by her only, he is about to tell about Chini’s text but she says she is not doubting him. Her phone falls and he picks it up. He gets close to her and touches his head with her head.

Precap- Chini tells Imlie first love cant be forgotten. Imlie questions Arto about his feelings for Chini and he gets confused. Chini smirks.

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