Imlie 18th January 2021 Written Update: Satyakam decides to do counter-attack

Imlie 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie praying from god for herself when her mother gives her a towel to wash his hands after cleaning. She gives it to him and he washes his hands on his shirts and Imlie feels odd to see his tactics. Imlie then gives water and towel to Satyakam and he asks her about the study preparation.

She says I live in the city with Aditya so there will not be any problem. She says he is taking care of my study there and Satyakam asks Aditya about the preparations he has for her study and Imlie says he is already in talks with City college for my admission. Aditya recalls that she is talking about the college of Malini.

.Satyakam is about to give lift to Aditya when a fellow villager comes there wounded and informs him the policemen attacked their camp and already encountered one of their partners. He asks you say that the government will propose a peace treaty for us and now things will fall in my place and now they are doing this. Satyakam gets angry and says to Aditya see I told you that government people are not at all trustworthy. He gets ready with his men and weapons to proceed though Imlie tried to stop him but he doesn’t listen to her. He asks Aditya to manage Imlie and goes away from there.

.Imlie cries and says to Meethi that this can put the life of Satyakam in danger. She goes inside and is with her mother to take care of that farmer and Aditya is waiting outside and thinking once he will reach Delhi, he will raise this topic and also since he has nothing left to do as the peace treaty looks absolutely impossible now, he should go back to Delhi as soon as possible.

A friend of Imlie comes and informed him that it’s too late in the night already, please go and sleep. He gets shocked when he enters his own room as it was decorated by the flowers and all for their first night in the village and he was not expecting it. Imlie is worried for Satyakam and when her mother asks her to sleep and take care of Aditya. She is walking lost in thinking when her friend gives her a glass of milk and asks her to go to Aditya as he is waiting for her. She thinks what he wants from me now? She goes inside and realises the whole matter and asks Aditya to talk in a low voice and she has no idea about any of this thing.

.Aditya starts to berate her and blames her for trying to take advantage of the situation so that she can have Aditya by her side. She asks him to shut up already as she may not be able to listen further but he continues to blabber and speak ill against her intention and she had it enough. She throws the glass of milk and tries to show him the mirror.

She says till today I never blamed you for anything and till today you can’t stop blaming me for every single thing. She says your life will kick start from tomorrow while my life will be ruined forever. Aditya goes out of the room in anger and Imlie gets restless . Here in Delhi Aparna tries to console her vulnerable sister-in-law.

Precap – Aditya and Imlie are running through the village while there are bomb blasts happening.

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