Imlie 1st December 2020 Written Update: Imlie decided to focus on her studies

Imlie 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with the car stops in front of a NGO institution. Imlie is able to read the nameplate and she understands what is going to happen. Aditya already made a tall with one of the worker and he takes Imlie inside and made a conversation with the worker.

Aditya says to Imlie from now on you can stay here and they will help you to complete your further studies too. Imlie behaves normally with him and says I will be all okay here and can manage. She accidentally drops her baggage and gathered it and looks up only to notice Aditya leaving from there in car and that lady of the NGO asks her to come inside.

She stands there and thinking how her dream to come in the city is fulfilled like this. She is wondering about the past events when someone keeps a hand on her shoulder and she thinks it’s Aditya and move back but to her shock it was the villager of Pagdandiya, Birju who is following them all along. He starts to drag Imlie along with him while Imlie struggles to free herself from him and says to leave her hand. She says how dare you touch me? Haven’t you done enough if it with the girls of the village? He says I will drag you back to the village and Imlie takes a stick and gives him a warning to stay away from her. He is again about to drag her but Aditya comes there and kicks him hard.

He says to him how dare you touch my wife? He says you left her here so I am taking her back in the village and the village judiciary will take a call for her. He says look around and realise it is not Pagdandiya but Delhi. Only Indian law is active here and now you have three seconds to decide whether you will go back to village or jail and Birju escapes. Aditya brings her back home with him and she is being very very silent as the awkward feeling is there.

The house people welcome Aditya with great energy and all are worried for he being late without informing them. They notice Imlie and she says that she is in the city to look for some work as she doesn’t have any in the village. She says that for this she asks help from Aditya and comes with him kind of forcefully. They asks for her adhaar or pan card but she says I don’t have all these but I am loyal and trustworthy. You can rely on me and they asks her if she knows household works. She says you all know right? then teach me please when possible.

Rupali takes her inside and says I will tell you everything. She gives Imlie a tour of the entire house and accidentally Imlie gets to hear the conversation of Aditya and Malini and Aditya gets angry on her due to this. Imlie gets to stay at the store room and she arranges it according to her and concerts it into a beautiful place. Imlie decided to fulfill her dreams and keeps the scholarship certificate with full care. Later on, she is having chat with the family members of Aditya about her village and family members.

Precap – Imlie is washing the table and unfortunately some water dropped on the phone of Aditya.

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