Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Anant helps Gehna to make the pandal

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant says everything recorded in Gehna’s mobile which happened in pandal so he will catch the culprit soon. Hema imagines that Praful and Anant throwing her and Sagar out of the house. She comes to reality and thinks now with her brother Desai’s will throw her out of the house. Anant shows the recording to his parents. Praful asks how is this possible. Hema was about to apologize to them but Kanak stops her. Praful says culprit get punishment for destroying pandal but his face is not visible clearly because of darkness.

Kanak and her allies gets relieved hearing him. Anant says he won’t leave the culprit. Seeing Gehna, Anant recalls how she saved him from fire in pandal and cleans her face. He tells her to sleep for sometime. She refuses to sleep saying she is getting late to reach pandal. He says she can decorate pandal later and tells her to sleep now. She says she doesn’t have much time so has to start now. He tells her to take rest but she was about to leave from there so holds her hand to stop her and tells her to obey him. She lays on bed and he goes to sofa to sleep.

Hema mimicks Gehna. Kanak says Gehna going to get insult tomorrow also because of her overconfidence and they need not to do anything this time. Anant wakes up and realises that Gehna left for pandal. Gehna thanks God for saving her today and starts the decorations. Anant comes there to help her. He says he told her to sleep but she is here. She says she was not able to sleep so thought to come here to finish the work. She gets surprised when he said he will help her in decorations. She explains him about the decorations. He praises her creative idea and they works together to make the pandal.

Gehna asks Anant to make coffee for him. He goes to make coffee for her. Next day, Tiya gets surprised seeing the decorations of pandal and calls her family and praises Gehna. Praful says this place doesn’t look like fire accident happened yesterday, now they will do Saraswati puja without any interruption. Tiya tells Jamuna to call committee ladies and show the pandal. Committee ladies comes there and apologize to Jamuna and praises Gehna.

Jamuna indirectly says Gehna has to sleep for sometime and she should not do anywork and Kanak will handle everything. Gehna gets happy hearing her. Praful tells her to take rest. Pankaj and Chetan asks Kanak to bring tea. Then everyone orders her to bring tea for them. Anant shocks seeing Radhika coming out of his bathroom and asks what is she doing here. She moves towards him and they falls on bed. Gehna sees them in that position.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika says Gehna is best in all household chores but even a maid can do all that..

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