India Waali Maa 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Kaku helps Rohan with cloth design

India Waali Maa 22nd September 2020 Written Update on

Rohan comes to his new office along with Sagar, he is glad seeing RG logo. He is about to enter inside the office, but Kaku comes running and stops. She asks if he will enter without breaking coconut, she does the rituals and he smiles. Rohan talks to Patel. Rohan samples got rejected, he feels sad as work is ending before it started, Patel will also back out if he knows this.

Kaku asks what happened, she tries to motivate him, but he asks her to leave, work won’t happen with her emotional talks. She leaves taking a sample cloth secretly with her things. Sagar and Rohan talk about getting samples from big designers. Rohan says this is the problem with Indian mothers, they don’t realize their kids have grown up, they can work on their own.

Vasu tells Murthy that she called Mrs Patel to know about Kaku, Rohan. Mr. Patel is indeed investing in Rohan’s business. Murthy calls Mr. Patel and talks to him.

Kaku video calls Hassu and shows him the rejected sample, she says Rohan work is stuck because of this cloth, she asks if anything is wrong with it. He tells her to put the cloth in hot water, she follows his words. Black color fades off the cloth and turns green. Hassu says this is original color of cloth. Kaku calls Rohan to inform this, but he is not ready to listen her. She acts like falling down and shouts. Rohan is tensed and comes home to check on her.

She says she lied to talk to him. He asks if she is finding it game, his samples are rejected. She says she want to discuss the same with him and pulls him to kitchen. She says their sample is 3rd class, it will loose color in one wash. Rohan and Sagar feel they can’t get new sample by tomorrow.

Kaku video calls Hassu again and makes design using bedsheet with his guidance. Both stay awake midnight and talk while Kaku is making design. They recall how they used to talk for hours on landline before marriage.

Hassu sees Rohan coming home late and asks Kaku what was he doing when she is working here. She says he might be working in office. Rohan sees bedsheet missing and is puzzled.

Kaku wakes up at 10 as phone rings. She is tensed a she over slept, Hassu says no problem, she completed design and slept at morning 6 am. Kaku asks him to show God’s idol, she will pray and leave quickly.

Rohan shows another sample, he rejects it saying its clearly bad quality piece. Kaku comes there and apologizes for being late. She shows her design cloth. The man gets impressed with it.