Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th March 2020 Written Update: Pari accidental meet with Sujoy

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Yogi reaches to home angrily. Dadaji asks him about Practice. Yogi says nothing is good. Dadaji assures him everything will be fine and shares his experience how he faces football challenge during his college day and how his dadi felk for him.

Kusum and everyone smiles. Yogi remembers his practice and feels sad. Kusum asks why you’re making dull faces. Dadaji suggests Yogi to feel him as best player. Yogi says I’m worst player. Dadaji says don’t say like that and Bad start won’t end in bad way abd he takes ball. Yogi says you can’t do it.

Dadaji says I’m star player during college days and he kicks ball toward window but mistakenly that ball hits at Dadi. Tea glasses fell on her. Dadi shouts on Dadaji. He says I’m just teaching Yogi to become good player and both fights with eachother. Yogi silently leaves taking the ball.

Pari prepares Parathas and asks Neha to come fir lunch. Someone knocks the door. Pari opens the door and gets shocked seeing Sujoy. Both reminsces their moments with eachother. Sujoy says you and this 501 right. Pari says it’s 401. Sujoy says you’re in delhi.

Pari says I came here 2days back. Sujoy says can I come inside. Pari says my friend stays with other girl. Sujoy says fine I’m leaving than Pari asks him to come inside. Sujoy enters inside and about to fell but Pari holds him in time and both shares beautiful eyelock.

Pari asks what are you doing here. Sujoy says my sister forced me to meet the girl in this apartment. Pari gets excited and asks him about girl details. Sujoy says you know I don’t know the details. He takes football and questions her do you play football. Pari says no.

Sujoy says so it’s decorative item to break things when you want. Pari stays silent. Sujoy says I’m sorry if I hurt you unintentionally. Pari says do you need tea. Sujoy say no I’m about to leave, our marriage didn’t happen but life have many relationships so we must maintain the touch, do you know how many times I called you. Pari says I’m not in touch with anyone for my own space.

Sujoy tells Pari that they have to make place for each other. When he about to leave Pari asks if he is in touch with Yogi. He nods yes and says they have so much space for others. Pari looks on.

Precap – Yogi again breaks neighbour window. Rani and Nisha makes Yogi hides with them. Neighbour says Prakash bhai your son break my window again and I will lodge police compl ain’t. Sujoy tensely enters Pari apartment. Pari asks him what happened and in tgis process she feel on him.