Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th February 2021 Written Update: Anupriya wants to snatch Ridhima’s baby

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anupriya escaping before Ridhima can do anything. Ridhima calls Vansh who rushes there and asks what happened. The whole family gathers there. Ridhima tells Vansh that she saw Anupriya who came there in the basket of flowers. Vansh asks her if she is sure. Ridhima replies she is. Kabir says that it is impossible since he met Anupriya just two days ago and there is high security there so she cannot escape. Vansh calls central jail and asks if Anupriya got bail but comes to know that she is still there. Aryan questions Ridhima saying that she claims to have seen Anupriya but a person cannot be in two places contemporarily. Dadi scolds him for talking like this to Ridhima. Vansh takes Ridhima to take rest.

Kabir is sure that Ridhima must have a reason to claim what she said. He sees clothes on floor. Anupriya is hiding there but Chanchal tells him that she has to give these to laundry so Kabir leaves before finding Anupriya.

Later, Ridhima still wonders if she has really seen Anupriya or not. She remembers the times Anupriya attacked her or plotted against her and concludes that she is danger since Anupriya can harm her and her baby so she must stay alert.

A shadow is seen entering the room. Ridhima notices it and turns around scared but it is only Vansh. He hugs her seeing her afraid. He says that she got so scared that she feels every shadow is Anupriya’s and she might have mistaken also previously just like she did now. He makes her sit and shows that he has brought lavender oil. Ridhima says that she smells this every time she feels uneasy nowadays and instantly feels nice. Vansh says that it is good that he brought it since now she is feeling so relaxed. Ridhima says that she has noticed that he is extra worried for her nowadays and that means he is worried for their baby and cares for him/her.

Vansh says that he is just worried for his wife like any husband would. He is about to leave but Ridhima stops him and says that she knew he would have escaped if she mentioned baby. She tells him that he is the most responsible person for her and asks why he is escaping from baby’s responsibility. She wants to talk about this but Vansh says that there must be no discussion about this topic. He leaves. Ridhima is sure that Bappa will make him realize that he is the best father of the world and then convinces herself that she is overthinking about Anupriya.

At the same time, Anupriya, who is in the house, recalls Ridhima seeing her. Lights turn on and someone points a gun at her. Anupriya turns around and finds Kabir in front of her. Kabir says that there was much confidence in Ridhima’s voice when she claimed to have seen her therefore he understood she was right. Anupriya says that she cannot believe he is in love with the girl who betrayed him. She blames Ridhima for snatching a lot for them but this time she won’t let her win. She knows Ridhima is pregnant and says that Ridhima doesn’t know how long she will live this happiness. Kabir threatens her not to harm Ridhima. Anupriya says that she will snatch her baby since she snatched her son but Kabir threatens to kill her if she tries to harm Ridhima. He asks her to leave. He says that she made jailer lie but this lie won’t survive for long. Anupriya says that Ridhima’s love is talking but he must understand that he won’t ever get Ridhima. He repeats her to leave from there forever.

Kabir talks to Ridhima’s portrait and says that none will come between them: he is her first love and isn’t Vansh’s. He says that Vansh will lose the biggest battle as he (Kabir) will win Ridhima.

Chan calls Vansh and says that he won’t spare him since he gave fake diamonds. Kabir has the real diamonds. He says that he knows Ridhima is pregnant. Vansh gets enraged hearing him threatening using Ridhima’s name and breaks the phone. Kabir drops the diamonds and sees a shadow reflecting on floor. He looks on. Vansh grabs Angre’s collar and says he needs those diamonds at any cost adding that they don’t have much time.

The one who entered Kabir’s room is Chanchal who sees the diamonds on floor and gets stunned. Kabir shuts the door making her silent. Chanchal understands that the diamonds are those that Vansh is looking for. Kabir lets Chanchal have one diamond and she promises to keep the matter secret.

Vansh recalls Chan saying that the diamonds are fake and wonders how diamonds can be stolen from his room. As soon as he enters his room, lots of confetti fall on him and he sees some pictures of him hanging from room. Ridhima comes and asks how was the surprise. He hugs her and says that she gives him peace. She says that she wants their baby to be like him. He gets angry and scatters all the photos saying that he doesn’t want to be father.

Episode ends

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