Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima is forcibly taken to the abortion center

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anupriya coming from outside. Sia asks her from where she’s coming. She cooks some excuses. Then Aryan enters the house. Sia finds there is mud in his shirt and questions him about the same. He says he went to his friend’s house and they did Yoga. Chanchal comes wearing red gloves. Dadi asks why she’s wearing gloves in the hot weather. She says these are Rudra’s gloves. Dadi asks where’s Riddhima. The trio together says she’s in her room. Dadi asks Sia to give her a plate of fruits. The trio looks tensed.

Riddhima is seen inside the fridge. She prays to God for help. The van’s tire gets punctured. The men stops a car for help. It turns out to be Vansh’s car. The men whispers among them that he’s Vansh and husband of the girl that they have kidnapped. They try to make him leave. Vansh notices that the van’s tire is punctured. He offers help for them. Vansh goes to van’s backside to take the stepny, but the men stops him saying they will take it. They change the tire. Riddhima tries to untie her hands.

Vansh phones Riddhima. He hears a phone ringing. He wonders this is Riddhima’s ringtone. He ignores it. He decides to talk to her going home. The men change the tire and return the tools to Vansh. The latter drives off his car while Riddhima comes out of the fridge. She runs after the car shouting Vansh. The latter senses something and stops the car. He finds none. A FB is shown that the men hit Riddhima and abduct her again.

At VR mansion, everyone gets shocked reading the note left in Riddhima’s room. Anupriya says Riddhima asked her advice, she tried to make her understand that this is a sin, but she didn’t listen to her. Kabir reads the note and thinks Riddhima can never do this. Otherside the men have brought an unconscious Riddhima to the abortion center. The doctor wants to get their boss’s confirmation so that she doesn’t get into any problems.

The men call someone and give the phone to doctor. Anupriya, Chanchal and Aryan are shown giving their confirmation in different frame. Vansh comes back home. He searches for Riddhima. Dadi cries hugging him. Sia hands him over Riddhima’s letter. He reads that Riddhima doesn’t think that he can take care of her child so she is taking a tough decision that she will do abortion. Vansh says abortion that mean Riddhima went to kill their child.

Meanwhile Riddhima gains consciousnes. She shouts asking to leave her. The doctor says today is her abortion. She pleads with the doctor to leave her. She shouts Vansh. The doctor is about to inject her, but Riddhima throws it away. She says the doctor will go to jail for doing her abortion against her will. The doctor shows the form in which there’s Vansh signature.

Riddhima is dumbstruck. Vansh asks his family if they didn’t know about Riddhima’s descion. Chanchal says they got to know just now, if she had discussed with them, they wouldn’t have allowed her. Dadi cries. Sia asks him to stop Riddhima anyhow. Aryan says Riddhima should’ve talked to Vansh before. Chanchal requests Vansh to stop this. Vansh says he will not let the abortion happen and leaves from there.

The doctor says this is the baby’s father’s decision that he doesn’t want this baby. Riddhima is unable to sense anything and recalls Vansh words. The doctor injects her the injection and Riddhima loses her unconsciousness. Vansh is shown driving his car. He blames himself for Riddhima’s decision and regret his act. He is determined to stop Riddhima from aborting their child.

The episode ends.

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