Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th December 2020 Written Update: Riddhima shocks Vihaan post sharing her plans

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi asking Vansh to fill ridhima’s forehead. Riddhima remembers Vansh filling her forehead when Vihaan applies vermilion on her mang. Riddhima apologizes to Vansh. She says she has to do this for their family’s sake. She asks to be always with her being her strength. Vihaan puts the mangalsutra. Dadi thanks Bappa. They take Dadi’s blessings.

Dadi says they should never leave each other’s side as they’re incomplete without each other. She tells to Riddhima she should always have the sindoor on her maang and wear mangalsutra. She wants to see her sughan. Vihaan forwards his hand. Ridhhima looks at him then holds his hand. They walk away. Riddhima stops in front of Kabir. She says she can never wear sindhoor on his name since only Vansh has that right. She walks away with Vihaan. Kabir thinks he will soon expose the imposter that day she will face humiliation for letting an imposter fill her maang.

Kabir goes to Vihaan place to get any proof. He kicks the dustbin in frustration. He sees some alphabets and starts to put in alignment. He thinks Vansh was living here. He finds the letter ‘I’. He thinks there’s no I in Vansh. He finds the name Vihaan. He smirks saying Riddhima played well but now he will expose her game.

Riddhima is looking at her reflection in the mirror remembering Vihaan filling her maang and Dadi’s words. She says this all a part of contract. Though Vansh is no more, no one can and will take his place in her heart. She will always remain Vansh ki Riddhima. Just then Vihaan says yes you will be always mine. Riddhima turns saying Vansh. Vihaan wings at her. She wipes her tears. She says it’s enough now, he shouldn’t wear Vansh clothes and asks him to remove. She forcibly takes the coat.

Vihasn says if he acts as Vansh he should wear his clothes so that no one get doubts. Riddhima says she brought him in this house and she will buy all the necessary things for him by tomorrow. After that he shouldn’t touch to her Vansh’s belongings. She further says it was a coincidence that his face look like Vansh’s face apart that he has nothing like her Vansh.

She told him about Vansh and he’s not even capable to understand that. She tries to remove Vansh watch from his hand but he stops. He says why he feels like she doesn’t love Vansh as much as she’s showing off. Riddhima asks what he means. He says she’s playing game with her own family by bringing him to act as Vansh. She is a great player. Didn’t she play same kind of game with her real husband.

Riddhima tries to slap him, but he holds her hand. He asks her to talk to him with love. He flirts with her. Riddhima hits his leg with her’s to get out of his grip. She warns him saying not to do like this again. Vihaan smirks saying he got an equal player. He leaves. Riddhima says she knows he’s clever than she thinks. She will soon find out what’s running in his mind, but she has to bear him for family’s sake.

Kabir holds Riddhima’s hand breaking her bangles. She angrily asks did he lost his mind. Kabir says he never thought that she can play such  big game having such a sweet, innocent face. Riddhima looks on confused. He asks her to look down. Riddhima gets shocked seeing Vihaan name written with her broken bangles. She wonders how he got to know about Vihaan. Kabir asks if the imposter name is Vihaan. Riddhima says she doesn’t know any Vihaan. Kabir asks her to stop. He says his men started to work and he will get the proof within 15 mins. Riddhima becomes tensed and goes to talk to Vihaan.

Vihaan is in Dadi’s room. He tells that one can overcome the death when his family’s love and blessing are with him. Riddhima comes there followed by Kabir, who agrees with Vihaan. He says he got saved after falling from a high place. He asks what happened that day.

Vihaan looks at Riddhima. Vihaan says few goons attacked  their mansion. He was chasing them in his car. When another car came in front, he lost the car’s control. The car was about to fall into abyss, but he jumped out of the car just before. He got stuck between tree branches. People from nearby villages saw him and saved him. He survived as he got slight injuries.

 Kabir says such an heroic story. Sometimes real incidents are more interesting than a fiction. Just then Kabir receives details of Vihaan from his assistant. He smirks. Riddhima worries if he got the proof, everything will be over now. Kabir starts downloading the pic. He shows it to Dadi then to Vihaan who asks who is this. Kabir becomes startled looking at the photo as it’s not Vihaan whereas Vihaan smirks.

 Riddhima thinks thankfully she asked Vihaan to delete his details from internet. A FB is shown where she asks Vihaan to do the same. Vihaan mocks Kabir asking if he wants water. Kabir leaves the places frustrated. Riddhima stops Kabir. She says Vansh believes in keeping the relations joined so that he repeated the same story that Anupriya told to the family.

He’s tolerating him for his family else he will not leave him for what he did with him. He’s Vansh and he should remove the doubts from his mind. He can’t even imagine what Vansh can do with him and his mom when their truth will come out.

The same day night, Riddhima gets shocked seeing Vihaan sitting on her bed. She tells him he can’t sleep in her bed. Vihaan says there’s nothing such in their contracts. Riddhima says there’s something called value which he won’t understand. She says she will sleep on the sofa. Vihaan drags her holding her hand.

 Riddhima falls on his lap. She gets up realizing her position. She questions what’s his problem. Vihaan says he can’t see her in sufferings as he’s a gentleman. He won’t let her sleep on the sofa and he will not get sleep on the sofa. He adds the bed is big. Riddhima says fine. She has an idea for both can sleep on the bed. She puts a duppata between them. She says he has no permission to come to her side crossing the duppatta to which Vansh  says he’s a respectful person so he won’t come.

 Riddhima gets ready to sleep. Vihaan asks what’s her intention to bring him in this home. Whatever she wants to do, she should do it soon as Kabir will not sit quite. Riddhima says Vansh wrote all the properties on Dadi’s name, first he should get all of them on his name than he has to transfer it into her name. Vihaan looks shocked.

The episode ends.

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