Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th June 2021 Written Update: Ishani badmouths Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh angrily playing basketball remembering Riddhima’s words. Vansh thinks that he’s not scared of his enemies. Dadi notices that Vansh is angry. She worries whether Vansh has opened the black box. She asks Vansh what happened. Vansh says that it pains more when the loved ones hurt us. Dadi is relieved that Vansh hasn’t opened the black box and he might be angry with Riddhima. Dadi says that such people aren’t loved ones and they should stay away from such people. Vansh says how one can love and hate a person at a same time. Dadi says that love makes one weak and asks him to get rid off it. She asks him to take care of himself and leaves.

Sia tries to contact Vyom and notices the manager phone ringing at the same time. She recognizes Vyom and gets overjoyed on seeing him. He asks what he’s doing here. Vyom says that he can’t reveal the reason why he’s here and asks her to leave now. She asks if he has some work for her. He says nothing. Sia expresses her love for Vyom. He sends her away saying they will be in trouble, if anyone notices them.

Vansh is having breakfast sitting with Angre. Riddhima sitting another table and looks at Vansh. Vansh also looks at her and they share an eye lock while Ishq mein marjawan plays in the BG. Vansh gets pricked with the thorn. Angre says that he’s hurt. Vansh says sometimes are better than roses. Riddhima is about to leave. Sara comes there and makes her sit. Vansh asks Angre if he got to know anything about the sniper to which Angre replies not yet. Here Sara tells that Riddhima has less time in hands and if she delays, Vansh will get killed it. Riddhima says that she will not do anything like that. Angre leaves. She remembers her promise. Sara says that she will show her a trailer. Sara is about to inject Vansh. Riddhima shouts Gayatri. Vansh tells Riddhima to not explain and leaves. Sara understands there’s some tension between Riddhima and Vansh. Sara says that she will kill Vansh anytime, if she doesn’t fulfill her promise. Riddhima says that she remembers everything. Sara leaves. Vyom overhears them and smirks.

Riddhima goes to the manager(Vyom) to ask where Angre is. She finds him weird as he avoids to look at her straight. Vyom tells Angre is there. Riddhima goes to Angre and says that she has a friend, who is facing domestic violences and she wants to save her and send her abroad by changing her identity. She asks if he knows anyone, who can help her in making fake documents and asks for his details. Angre says that he knows someone, but he can’t give his details as it’s danger for him as well as for her. Angre then asks that friend isn’t Riddhima. The latter says that she loves Vansh and adds that she will convince Vansh.

Vyom sees hidding Sara getting out of the pool. He goes to her on the pretext of giving her bathwear and introduces himself. Sara says that she does not like people trying to come closer to her and she becomes their enemy. She asks him to be careful from the next time. Vyom nods OK and takes her photo without her knowledge. He sends it to his man and asks to collect details about her.

Riddhima sneaks into Angre’s room to get the details of the person, who make documents while Angre and Ishani are having a private moment in the washroom. Ishani asks Angre about Riddhima and Vansh’s fight. Angre avoids that topic. Ishani comes out of the washroom to take drinks for them to celebrate it. She spots Riddhima in the room and questions her what she’s doing here. Riddhima says that she has come to talk to Angre and refuses to her anything about the same. Ishani badmouths Riddhima. She says that her husband isn’t talking with her, so she needs another man. She asks what she wanted to tell to her husband. Riddhima is disgusted with Ishani’s words. She asks Ishani to find it by herself and leaves from there.

Riddhima sees Vansh and tries to talk to him, but he ignores her. She pretends to get hurt and asks Vansh to help her to go there. Vansh says that he is helping her for the last time as he is worried for the baby. He asks her to take care of herself hereafter. Riddhima says that she can’t live without him. Vansh looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh sees Riddhima sleeping sitting on the corridor. He takes her to the room. Riddhima asks him to not go leaving her. He says he won’t.

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