Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th November 2020 Written Update: Riddhima finds Vihaan’s address

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Riddhima recllaing her moments with Vansh. Kabir tries to help Riddhima and Riddhima pushes him. Kabir gets angry and says she has to pay for this mistake. He says her family will pay for it. Riddhia replies to Kabir and asks him not to think she is weak just because she is not replying. Kabir laughs and asks Riddhima to go to daadi and asks her to give him Vansh’s business charges. Riddhima asks Kabir if he is has turn crazy. Kabir says first he will capture Vansh business, than his money and lastly his room. He gives time to Riddhima.

Riddhima sees Vansh’s picture and thinks she is having an intuition as how Vansh can return. She decides to figure out. Other side, Aryan done a deal with someone. He says Vansh is not here to interrupt him. Kabir tries to stop Aryan. Aryan misbehaves with Kabir and Kabir hit Aryan and makes him fall down. Kabir says he tried to talk calmly with Aryan but he misbehaved with him.

There, Riddhima tries to find out about Vihaan. A person at tea stall says he can help her in finding the person she is looking for. He asks for money. Riddhima gives him the money. Post, Riddhima leaves, Vihaan beats the person and takes the money from him. He asks him to give Riddhima’s number. Vihaan thinks now it is a time for Riddhima to reach him.

Other side, Kabir wakes up Aryan. Aryan find Kabir has tied him up. He says to Kabir that he will regret for his act. Kabir laughs and asks Aryan to bother about him as he can expose him in front of his family and they can send him in the jail. He threatens Aryan. Aryan says to Kabir he will do whatever he will say. Kabir asks Aryan to address him as brother like the way he used to call Vansh. Kabir asks Aryan to somehow manage to get him in the business. Aryan agrees to work for Kabir.

Further, Riddhima learns from Daadi that Aryan has asked her to give few responsibilities of business to Kabir too. Riddhima decodes Kabir has threaten Aryan thus, he is praising him. Ishani oppose Aryan when later address Kabir as his brother. Daadi tries to make Ishani understand but Ishani refuses to listen to Daadi. Riddhima thinks to stop Kabir before he take over Vansh’s property and house. She decides to seek Angre’s help.

Here, Angre punish himself for not able to help Vansh. He beats him with the belt. Riddhima stops him. Angre says he deserves it. In the meantime, Riddhima receives Vihaan’s address and goes to meet him. Ishani too stop Angre from beating himself. She asks him to make a plan against Kabir for Vansh’s sake as they both love Vansh equally.

Vihaan waits for Riddhima. Ahead, Riddhima sees Vihaan and address him as Vansh. Tears roll down from Riddhima’s eye. (Episode ends)

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