Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th November 2020 Written Update: Heer-Virat’s first night

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th November 2020 Written Update on

Preeto is angry on Virat, she says her grand daughter always behaved as per wishes, but he promised to fulfill conditions and he didn’t stand on his words. Virat says Heer was leaving home, they can’t live without each other, so he married Heer as conditions don’t hold more importance than Heer. Preeto says she will send divorce papers and asks Virat to sign, she will get Heer sign. She pulls Heer out of the house with her.

Tejinder bua says if Heer steps out now, there’s no way back for her in this house. Heer stops. Parmeet asks Preeto what does she expect from her grand daughter. Tejinder says there’s some secret surely, the day she will know it, she will handle them. Preeto asks her not to come between her and Heer. Heer frees her hand from Preeto and asks Preeto to leave and never come back, she will live in her sasural only. Preeto slaps her, she raised Heer, taught her how to walk. Heer says Preeto has no rights on her now.

Preeto leaves sadly. After closing door, Preeto shouts Heer has her son’s blood, she will always have rights on Heer, she can’t teach her. She will keep coming here, into her and Virat life. Preeto says Heer doesn’t even know she is protecting her, but she will never let Heer know it also. Rohan consoles Preeto.

Heer cries, she shouldn’t have behaved so badly with Preeto. Virat consoles her, Heer says she knows how to pacify, if there’s any tension in house, baby brings happiness, they have to try for baby, their family will be complete. Virat gets angry and asks her not to talk about kids, one problem ends and she starts new problem.

Heer gets ready for first night, room is decorated. Parmeet blesses Heer to be happy, she tells Heer to sit on bed like bride. She tells Gurwinder to bring hot badam milk. Heer thanks Parmeet for everything. Heer sits on bed with ghungat. Gurwinder teases her, Heer asks her to tell what happens on first night, she doesn’t know anything.

Bhabhi tells she just has to sit like this and feels shy when Virat comes. She has to give milk to Virat and she has to drink remaining milk. Husband-wife love will increase like this. Bhabhi teasingly asks Heer to tell what happened next morning. Heer laughs.

Baksh happily drinks as Virat is married. Parmeet says he is so happy on his son’s marriage, how will he feel when his grand kid comes. She asks Virat to give them grandchild soon. Virat asks have they gone mad, Baksh asks why is he getting angry, he says let Heer settle in house first, then they will talk about kids. Baksh asks what he is doing here, its his first night and pushes Virat in his room.

Heer asks Virat if he is angry at her, she offers him milk and asks him to leave some for her, its ritual, both have to drink.

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