Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th February 2020 Written Update: Riddhima starts getting doubts on Daima aka Anupriya

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the red gloves man escaping from there. Riddhima goes after him. Vansh is in video call with Chang. Vansh warns him not to dare to spoil his reputation. Chang says someone has already given his diamonds and he will do all his deals with him from now on. He cancels his partnership with Vansh. The latter asks who’s that person. Chang replies none of your business. He adds that he will not forget his betrayal and asks Vansh to return all his money. Vansh gets angry when he drags Riddhima between. Vansh warns him not to say one more word about his wife. Chang says he’s not scared because unlike him, he has nothing to lose. He cuts the call. Vansh breaks the glass in anger. Vansh realizes someone is playing with him and is determined to find out that person.

Riddhima takes a brick and goes to a building’s terrace following the red gloves man. She asks him to come out. Otherside Vansh searches for Riddhima and gets worried, when he can’t find her. He asks Sia about Riddhima. Sia says she hasn’t seen her since morning. Vansh wonders where Riddhima could go. Riddhima gets a call. A lady says that she got appointment after three days for her abortion. Riddhima says she might’ve dialed wrong number.

The lady says the appointment is taken on Riddhima Rai Singhania’s name. She cuts the call. Suddenly that red gloves man pushes Riddhima. She is hanging holding the edge of the building. She shouts for help. Vansh tries to phone her, but her phone comes switch off. Vansh goes to serach for her. Vansh is seen driving the car looking for Riddhima. Riddhima’s shawl flies and lands in front of Vansh’s car. Vansh recognizes Riddhima’s shawl and concludes that she’s somewhere nearby. Riddhima falls down from the building. Kabir catches her in the nick of time.

Riddhima thanks him. Kabir says he cares lot for her child and he’s ready to help and support her as a friend since Vansh is lost in his business problems and also he has doubt about accepting his child. Riddhima says he doesn’t need to worry about her, since Vansh is with her being her strength inspite of not being present here physically. She asks what he’s doing here. Kabir says he can also ask her the same question. Riddhima tries to walk away. Kabir offers to drop her at home. Riddhima refuses and leaves from there.

Vansh spots Riddhima and stops the car. He hugs her and asks what she’s doing here. Riddhima asks him to take her home. Vansh asks her again what happened. Riddhima decides to tell Vansh about the red gloves man and apportion phone call, but then she changes her mind thinking Vansh will get angry. She says nothing. Kabir watches them leaving hiding.

Vansh and Riddhima come back home. She keeps thinking about the red gloves man. Anupriya and Sia bump into each other. Anupriya’s bracelet falls down. Riddhima notices it and thinks this looks like the bracelet she got in the backyard. Anupriya picks it up before Riddhima and leaves. Riddhima goes after her. Anupriya’s wig comes off. She is about to pick it up. Riddhima is behind her and asks her to stop.

The episode ends.

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