Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September 2020 Written Update: Will Ridhima meet the original DSR?

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with the onset of sangeet, Ridhima is in dilemma that who is tge original DSR as the one Kabir has dressed up as, is standing infront of her. Angrey comes to her and asks for his phone, Ridhima thinks to talk to Angrey about jt but stops as today it is his sangeet. Aryan and Ishani are dancing and they talk about how they will escape amidst the sangeet. Kabir gets to know that original DSR is here to meet Vansh. Kabir is shocked and plans to meet the real DSR before anyone else does.

Ridhima gets up and go and is still in thoughts about DSR and whether to tell Vansh about it or not. On dance floor, Aryan deliberately pours drink on Ishani. They both pretend as if it happened by mistake and then Ishani gets a chance to go from there to wash her clothes. She remembers how Aryan had asked her to sit inside the flower basket.

On the other hand Kabir is stuck at some or the other work but then finally meets the real DSR.

Here at sangeet, Vansh comes and wonders where has Ridhima gone. While his chachi asks him to record her dance properly. Here, Aryan thinks that his revenge plan will be successful once Ishani runs away from her own wedding and Vansh will face it all being her brother.

Ishani goes to the basket of flowers and while getting into it, she sees a hand full of blood lying on the floor on the oustide. She screams, listening to that everyone comes, even Kabir. Ishani tells everyone what she saw, Angrey goes to check but finds nothing and no blood spots. Then Kabir consoles Ishani and says see there is nothing, dont worry. Then he asks Ishani what was she doing here. To which Ishani says, she was here for some fresh air.

A flashback is shown, where Kabir is firing a bullet at real DSR and drags him and keeps him where Ishani saw the blood filled hands but then hearing Ishani scream, he takes the body and sends it with the people he hired to take the body some place. Then, Kabir changes his coat as it has blood stains and afterwards returns to the sangeet.

Ridhima goes out at gate as it is 7pm. But doesn’t find anyone there. Then she thinks if this was anyone’s prank. She goes to Vansh and tells him about the mail, Angrey who is standing there also listens. They all wonder who is DSR as he is a person with reputed image, he wont do such a prank. Just then, they hear a voice saying I am here. It’s none other than Kabir, who speaks as if be is DSR and tells Vansh how after all his questions, he understood that he has doubts and to clear that he thought this was the best way.

Ridhima thinks she is so stupid to expect so much out of that mail, now she thinks she needs to focus on her real aim that is to solve Ragini’s murder mystery. Then DSR says that they should enjoy the sangeet. Ishani thinks how the plan failed and now what she will do. The sangeet starts, DSR starts dancing with Aryan and Ishani. Then Ridhima was about to leave, Vansh stops her and says it’s time for Bhaiya Bhabhi dance. Everyone is shocked listening this from Vansh. Then Ridhima and Vansh dance.

Kabir is watching and thinking how he had filled Ridhima with hatred for Vansh. But seeing them dance and Vansh proposing, Kabir is furious. He breaks the glass in his hand and goes to room angrily. He thinks of all the past moments when Ridhima said she loves Kabir. He thinks he did all this to make Vansh fall for Ridhima and Ridhima keep on hating him but it seems like both of them fell for each other. He takes off his get up as DSR and says now he will be the wall between both of them.

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