Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th February 2020 Written Update: Riddhima suspects Chanchal and Aryan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chanchal leaving the room. Riddhima matches the number from which she got abortion calls with the number mentioned in the brochure. She gets shocked that both numbers are same and conludes that Chanchal is doing all this and Rudra wanted to alert her about Chanchal, but how she can kill Rudra. She receives call from the abortion center again. The lady reminds that she has appointment the next day at 10 AM and cuts the call. She wonders why someone is doing this with her.

Riddhima enters her room. Suddenly rose petals fall over her. Vansh makes her sit on the bed and says there are lots of ups and downs in their relation in the last few days and wishes to make everything like before. Riddhima says they were two before, but now they’re going to become three, and their thoughts aren’t matching which create distance between them. She firmly says that until he accepts their child, this can’t be changed. She draws a line on the bed with rose petals and says he can’t cross this line. Vansh says they will see whether her stubbornness win or his love, she can’t separate him from her. He’s about to remove that line, but Riddhima stops him. She goes to the washroom and closes the door. Vansh stands near the washroom and says he never thought something will separate them like this. Riddhima says there will be distance between untill he accepts their child. Vansh walks away.

Riddhima lights dia in front of God. She says she suffers seeing Vansh suffering especially when she’s the reson for his sufferings, but she has teared between a mom and a wife. She doesn’t know what to do. She prays to God to remove the obstacle between Vansh and the child so he can happily accept his child. Vansh comes and sits next to her asking what she’s praying to God. Riddhima is about to leave, he stops her asking what’s the problem. Riddhima says how she can trust he’s not the one is creating the problem. Kabir says though Vansh care for her or not, he cares for her child and being his chacha, he has right to take her child’s responsibility. Aryan comes there. Kabir leaves. Aryan gives her laddu that Dadi has asked to give her. He leaves. Riddhima notices the gynecologist visiting card. She wonders whether he’s also involved in all this. She receives call from abortion center again. Riddhima says she will not come tomorrow. The lady says she has no choice, she has to come tomorrow and cuts the call. Riddhima says she has doubt in all the family and wonders who to believe, who not.

Chanchal says to someone in phone that they have to bring her by force otherside Anupriya also says tomorrow at 10 AM sharply they should excute the plan without any failure, Aryan asks someone to be ready tomorrow at 10 Am.

In the night, Vansh sees Riddhima sleeping. He recalls Riddhima’s words. He thinks that he can’t make her understand his reason and for now he can’t think about anything else than about Riddhima and his family’s protection. He lies down on the other of bed and sleeps. The morning Riddhima wakes and searches for Vansh. He wonders where he would go so early. She gets call from the abortion center. Riddhima says she’s not scared of her threatens and asks who asked her to call her. The lady says if she wants to know who is behind this, she should come to hospital at 10 AM.

Vansh, Angre and his men are waiting hiding to catch the culprit. Otherside Kabir and Chang are discussing. Chang says Vansh will not spare him if he gets to know. Kabir assures him he will not get to know. Vansh gets Riddhima’s call. He cuts it and they move inside. Riddhima thinks Vansh never cutted her call before. Riddhima notices Ishani’s rooms light are on and is about to go inside to turn it off. Chanchal stops her and scolds Riddhima. She says Ishani went to her friend’s house and asks Riddhima to go and rest in her room. A shadow is seen moving in Ishani’s room. Otherside Vansh and his men surround Kabir and Chang. Riddhima receives a reminder message from the abortion center. She bumps into Angre. He says his car is ready and they can go. Riddhima says she’s not going anywhere, she questions him if he knows anything. Angre says he asked just like that and leaves. Anupriya gives breakfast and asks her not to go out with empty stomach and adds her dress is also ready. Riddhima says she’s not going anywhere. She leaves. Riddhima wonders what’s happening. She hears Chanchal saying to Dadi that something inauspicious is going to happen with someone in the family. Riddhima wonders if she’s talking about her. She wonders where’s Vansh, she needs him the most today.

The episode ends.

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