Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th February 2020 Written Update: Riddhima gets mysterious calls for abortion

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh stopping Riddhima from talking about the child. Riddhima gets emotional and says this child is the truth that will be in front of him very soon. She asks why she has to bear all this pain, when he doesn’t want this child. Vansh silently walks away. Chanchal shouts seeing a black hoodie man. It turns out to be Aryan. He says he was seeing his dad’s clothes. Aryan assures his mom that this house, the business everything will be theirs. Chanchal hugs him. Red glove falls out of his pocket. He picks it up and leaves. Chanchal takes a red glove and looks at it.

Riddhima hears a strange music and goes to check from where it’s coming. She sees a box and finds her phone inside it. She thinks that she has changed this ringtone then who has changed it again. She attends the call and says she doesn’t want to abort her child. The lady says she can’t cancel the appointment, either she has to come to them, or they will come to her. Riddhima is determined to talk to Vansh about this.

She goes to Vansh to tell him about the phone calls, but Vansh refuses to listen to her. Riddhima says that either he has to accept her along with her child or reject both of them. She pours oil between them and ignites fire. She says if he can’t become dad of his child, she can nor be her husband. Vansh puts out the fire pouring water. He says she doesn’t have right to decide alone about their relation.

She asks he’s talking about which relation, they’re husband and wife, but he doesn’t want to become father of his own child. Vansh gets a call. He says they didn’t yet finish talking about this and leaves. She says she isn’t going to give up, she always faced everything alone, she will face this too, none can separate her child from her, not even Vansh.

Angre informs Vansh that the person, who gave diamonds to Chang, is going to meet Chang the next day and they are going to make some new deals. Otherside Kabir confirms his appointment with Chang. Kabir takes a box in which he used to put coins whenever Vansh hurt him. He vows to avenge his every insult and breaks that box. Kabir cuts his palm with the broken glass piece and says the blood will shed. Vansh is desperate to know whose that person and answer him back in his style. He asks angre to ask his men to be in alert mode. He wants that person at any cost.

Riddhima notices Daima cooking. She wonders what’s her truth. Daima gets a call. She hides behind a dinning table chair and tries to overhear her. Daima senses someone is watching her. She walks towards the table. Riddhima drops an apple to divert her and leaves from there.

Riddhima receives a reminder her message for her abortion. She wonders who could do this. She suspects Daima, and wonders why she would do this, as she doesn’t have ennimity with her, maybe Anupriya sent her. She comes downstairs thinking about it. She steps on oil and is about to fall, but Vansh holds her. He hugs her.

Riddhima thinks someone poured the oil intentionally. She thanks him. He says this is his responsibility to protect her. She says he doesn’t remember a father’s responsibility, she asks him not to come near her until he understands both the responsibility. He asks how he can protect her without coming closer to her. She places his hand on her belly and says everytime he will save her, he will also save his child. Vansh recalls Chang’s words and takes his hand away.

Riddhima goes to Chanchal to take Dadi’s phone from her room. Her dress gets stuck in the night table. While she’s trying to remove it, she finds a booklet of gynecologist in the drawer. She suspects Chanchal can be behind the abortion calls. She hears footsteps and hides behind a curtain. The booklet falls. She tries to take it. Chanchal comes there and steps over Riddhima’s hand. She closes her mouth to stop herself from making any noice.

The episode ends.

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