Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th August 2020 Written Update: Kabir enters in VR mansion with Mishra to take Ridhima away

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh asking Angre if he blocked calls from mansion. Angre says that he has done it and asks why he preponed the wedding of one day. Vansh replies that the grandmaster is the one who changes his walk at every step ruining other’s whole plan forcing him/her to make mistake. He says that the enemy must have planned to give Shera to someone during wedding but now that plan has been changed, he/she will make a mistake in hurry and they will notice the betrayer catching the traitor and her/his companion. Angre asks if he is suspecting Aryan only. Vansh replies that anybody could be the traitor and now they shall just wait for him/her to come out. He orders Aryan to increase security and declare red alert so that the traitor and Shera will not be able to leave. Angre is sorry that he has to do all this on his wedding day but Vansh cuts him saying that he shouldn’t ever be sorry for him since there is no fun in living life without challenges. He asks Angre not to say sorry because he hates it.

On the other hand, Ridhima looks at the bridal dress and goes into a flashback where she showed Kabir the kind of bridal dress she wants to wear on their wedding. Kabir asks if she is sure about it since she likes pastel colours but Ridhima says that for brides there is no better colour than red. She also says that she wants him to bring the dress for her just like it happens in SRK’s movies. Kabir asks if she wants her wedding to be in her favourite hero’s style. Ridhima says of course since SRK’s charm is unmatched. Kabir says that she will wear his name’s mehendi, apply his name’s haldi and also wear the dress he will bring for her. Ridhima stares at him lovingly. In present, she says that she had promised everything to be of Kabir’s name. She cries since it is not like that. She looks at the mehendi on her hand and sobs saying where she got trapped. She says that she cannot get married to Vansh and throws the bridal dress saying that she won’t ever wear it for anyone who is not Kabir. She decides to burn the dress and lights a matchstick saying that she is just Kabir’s.

Meanwhile Mishra warns Kabir that going to VR mansion is like jumping in fire. Kabir says that he doesn’t care if he gets burnt in this fire for Ridhima.

Ridhima throws matchstick near the dress and the curtain gets fire. She wipes her tears when she hears some footsteps. Vansh enters in the room and stands near her. A gust of wind move the curtain upon them and covers them. Title track plays as Vansh and Ridhima look at each other. Ridhima tries to free herself  while Vansh keeps staring at her when he suddenly sees fire and immediately rushes to put it off, first with his hands and then with a pillow successfully. Vansh looks at Ridhima and asks how it happened. Ridhima says that it was a mistake and notices that his hand has burnt. Vansh says that he can bear such a wound but cannot bear betrayals and he hopes she will never give him such a wound because there is a huge price for playing with fire and it can burn family and dear ones. He says that red is the colour of love and she should keep her bridal dress safe. He is about to leave when Ridhima says that even blood is red, Vansh immediately says that it is even a sign of danger so she should be careful since he has an old bond with danger while she has nothing to do with it. He leaves. Ridhima says that today they will see which red will win: the red colour of her and Kabir’s love, the danger of Vansh or blood.

On the other hand, Chanchal complains because she has to do everything for the wedding because of coronavirus and there aren’t even guests coming. She is relieved that at least caterers are coming. Ridhima comes and looks at Chanchal hiding behind a pillar. Chanchal has a little pouch hanging from saree and Ridhima recalls her putting the keys of her safe in which she put Shera in it. She thinks that she has to get that proof and leave. She rushes to hide behind curtains near Chanchal.

At the same time, Kabir and Mishra reach the VR Mansion in a car. Kabir thinks that he won’t let Vansh get successful and get Ridhima and proof against him away from him. He comes out of the car. He and Mishra are dressed like caterers and have their faces covered with shiled and mask. Kabir tell Mishra that they shall go inside.

Ridhima puts hand in Chanchal’s pouch to get key but takes it back when Chanchal gets aware of it. Chanchal turns around and looks at the curtains but Ridhima moves away before she can see her.

Kabir and Mishra are about to step inside when Angre stops them and asks them who they are. Kabir says that they are with catering team. Angre asks them to show Id card. Kabir and Mishra show the fake ids they had made. Ridhima is just behind Kabir but walks away before noticing him. Angre asks Kabri and Mishra their names. Mishra says that he is Ginesh sharma and Kabir says that he is Shankar Tripathi. Angre seems trusting them and asks them not to touch anything, nor remove shield and mask they are wearing. Kabri and Mishra leave.

Anupriya asks Ridhima what she is doing there. Ridhima says nothing. Anupriya asks why she always feel like she is trying to run away. Ridhima says that it is nothing like that. Anupriya says that the wedding is after one hour so she shall get ready. Ridhima lies that she was there to get some help for make up from Chanchal. Anupriya says that make up stuff, chunari and dress are in her room and she can send Ishani to her if she needs any help. She asks her to stop making mistakes because everyone will keep eye on her. Ridhima apologizes and leaves.

Ridhima goes back in her room and cries wondering how to get out from there taking Shera. On the other hand, Kabir tells Mishra that he shall go to get Ridhima and walks away. Ridhima is in her room and recalls Kabir promising that nothing will happen to her because she is too precious for him. Just then someone knocks at the door and Ridhima thinks it’s Kabir but it’s Ishani only. Ridhima asks her if there is something she wants. Ishani says that she is there to ask what secret quality she has that Vansh wants to marry her since she sees nothing in her. She asks Ridhima to sit in front of mirror. Ridhima does that. Ishani says that she is there to make her ready since make up artist couldn’t come because of COVID-19. Ridhima says that she doesn’t need any help. Ishani asks if she is in mood of getting married or not. Ridhima says that she will do her make up herself. Ishani says that her make up is bad but Ridhima convinces her to leave. When Ishani leaves, Ridhima sit in front of mirror and cries.

Later everybody is in the hall with pandit. Dadi is sad that no relative could be called because of COVID-19. Anupriya and Vansh come downstairs. Ridhima is ready in her room too and sheds there wondering how to get out from there and where Kabir is since she needs his help. Kabir is in corridor. Vansh sits on mandap. Ridhima cries.

Episode ends