Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 1st June 2022 Written Update: Jagannath tries to change himself for Kusum!

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The episode begins with Purvi thinks on Isha’s question and says I don’t know but this all doesn’t matter, you like him. Kusum comes and hears Purvi asking Isha about how she will say I love you. Kusum says what you guys are talking about? I heard, who will tell I love you to whom? Isha says you are taking all wrong, come I will tell you, new show is going to start about how to express your love. Purvi says yes this new show is going to come in the show. Isha says the idea is very good but the issue is the girl loves a guy but doesn’t know how to express. Kusum say the girl can never say and should just give hints then the boy will himself express. Purvi says what if it gets late? Kusum says just try hard to give hints. Isha says now we know how you would have convinced Jagannath. Kusum says you shouldn’t talk about your grand parents like this, in our time it didn’t happen like this. They all laugh.

Later, Kusum comes to room when Jagannath asks her what was she talking to the kids? Kusum says you won’t understand, it’s about love. Jagannath says you were talking this with kids? Kusum says they are not kids anymore, they only asked me. Jagannath says even if they asked, then you shouldn’t have encouraged them, this is their age to think of career and education and you shouldn’t encourage them at all, this all love things are stupid. Kusum says so love is stupid? So you don’t understand what is love and what it means for a women.

Jagannath says what are you saying? What has happened to you? Kusum says today, with kids I think my women emotions got awaken, but no matter what I will make it asleep, like I have always done. Jagannath sits near Kusum and watches her. Kusum asks him what’s the matter? Jagannath says I was thinking how I have seem so many women in my life still it feels women are a mystery, we don’t know anything about them. Kusum says maybe it’s how life is created and that’s how man and woman are different, women always feel alone form inside. Jagannath asks if she also feels alone like this? Do I lack something you wished for? Kusum feels awkward and doesn’t respond.

Jagannath asks her again so Kusum thinks and says yes you are a good husband, father and friend too. Kusum starts to go when he stops her and asks what did you wanted which you didn’t get? Kusum says you should sleep. Jagannath says with you incomplete answer, my night will be sleepless, please tell me what you wanted that you didn’t get? Kusum says a lover, when I married you I was little, I couldn’t find a lover in you. Jagannath says you never asked for. Kusum says we were told not to ask for these things, but good thing is I was illiterate and I got someone so intelligent like you, I am really happy with you.

Kusum tells Jagannath about Isha being an adult and she might like someone. Jagannath says I fear that only, what if she gets heart broken like Deepa? Here, Isha helps Badri in keeping the cartons. Isha asks Badri if Kashi has someone in her life. Badri says there is a girl whom Kashi likes her. Isha says is she from Banaras? Badri says no not from here, but he is unable to express as the girl is very intelligent and has good degrees. Isha thinks how Kashi always talked about her being so educated, so she thinks Kashi likes her.

Isha asks Badri to ask Badri to tell Kashi to express his feelings to the girl, she will definitely say yes. Badri says okay and takes a leave and few pickles fall down from carton. Isha tries to call Badri but he goes. Radhe comes and says this is Kusum’s handmade pickle? Let me keep few in my shop so that people see and buy it. Isha says the idea is good but Jagannath won’t agree. Radhe says I know and he is right as well, the mistake was mine I got scared for my business. Isha asks Radhe to keep the pickle and serve with mathri and ask people to order. Radhe becomes happy.

Next day, Kusum is doing work when Jagannath comes and says let me do the work. Kusum looks. Jagannath says I am telling you to sit so please rest inside. Jagannath looks at her. Kusum starts giving water to plants. Jagannath says again you are working? Go inside please. Kusum says what happened to you? You were looking at me and not letting me do any work. Kusum gets emotional and says I am old and have body pain but I can work. Jagannath says I am doing this to keep you happy, as you were saying I was a good husband but not a good. Kusum says okay a good lover. Kusum laughs. Purvi who was bringing tea stands there and smiles listening to them. Jagannath says why are you laughing?

Kusum says nothing, you won’t be able to be a good lover, so stay as you are. Purvi hides when Kusum leaves for putting some cream. Jagannath gets upset and thinks I was putting efforts after putting so much thought to it and when i did she went like this. Purvi brings tea for Jagannath and says I listened everything, I didn’t know you are also so romantic. Jagannath says I am not romantic, I was just doing to fullfill her wishes, I didn’t want her to suffer. Purvi calls him cute and says I can help you. Jagannath says I don’t need any help. Purvi says why are you getting awkward, I am your friend and I will help you. Purvi gives tea to Jagannath.

Episode ends.

Precap – Isha gets upset and comes home. Kusum gets to know from Deepa how Isha likes Kashi.

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