Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st June 2022 Written Update: Armaan makes a promise to Prisha

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumya gets happy seeing her babies and tells they are her life. She talks to them and says the entire world thinks that she is weak but after seeing them that she feels triple time stronger because she knows her babies are there to take care of her. She then makes a promise that she won’t get scared or back off from this. Malini says Sushma that she is the one who told Soumya is her daughter now so asks to take care of Soumya just like how she used to. Sushma makes a promise. Prisha tells Armaan that he looks stressed and gives him his favourite coffee. She then asks him to shift her to Canada saying she don’t want him to get seperated from his babies.

Armaan makes Prisha sit on his lap and tells her he is not going to let Soumya win with her emotional blackmail and asks her to support him and tells that he will not let Soumya win this. In the hospital the nurse asks Soumya to remove her rings because they have to do some medical check up on her. Soumya looks sad. Sushma and Malini comes to the room. Sushma tells Soumya that she bought laddo for her and asks her to have it saying it will give her a strength. Soumya asks do she think that she is weak. Sushma and Malini gets shocked and tells that it’s not what she meant. Soumya tells Sushma that she understands her she is facing hard time to choose between her son and her daughter but she is making a promise that she will be with her always. Armaan kisses Prisha’s forehead and asks her to not to talk about going to Canada. He also gives her a ring as his promise to her not to leave her side ever. Prisha express her happiness and hugs him.

Sushma tells Soumya that she knows whatever Armaan did to her isn’t acceptable but pleads her to return to their house for the sake of their children. She assures her to change Armaan but Soumya refuses to give into Sushma’s request. In Oberoi mansion Prince asks his mother where the babies are. His mother sends him away saying they will be here soon. Sushma brings coffee to Harsh. She tells him Armaan is not in the house also she doesn’t know what is Armaan is going to do. Armaan comes there talking to someone over the phone call. He asks Sushma to give him a cup of coffee.

Sushma obliges. She pleads Armaan to not to let Soumya leave their life and leave Prisha. Harsh also agrees with Sushma saying that Prisha is not a suitable one for him. He don’t want him to ruin his family for Prisha. Armaan says to Harsh and Sushma he is tired of being Soumya’s husband for who he compromised a lot but now it’s her turn to compromise with his life. He also tells that Harsh used to have an affair and Sushma accepted it then why not they teach Soumya to accept this because it happens in life instead of giving him lectures and leaves the place. Sushma blames herself for failing to stand up for herself all these years which lead her to see this day.

The next day Soumya gets ready to get discharged. She asks Malini and Shipi about her son’s. They both says they must be in their room. Shilpi tells Soumya she will take care of one baby. A nurse comes there and make Soumya sign the formality papers. She asks the nurse about her son’s. The nurse says that she comes to the hospital now so she will go and check and leaves the place.

Soumya asks Malini about her experience of having baby for the first time. Malini tells how scared she was but their father assured her and give her strength to raise them. Soumya tells now she understands the feeling of a being a mother. She then wonders why the nurse is not bringing her babies to her and goes to the room where her babies are kept and gets shocked seeing the babies aren’t there. Shilpi and Malini says the nurse must have took the babies with her do change the diapers but Soumya says she don’t think so.

Armaan in his house holds the babies in his hand thinks to himself now how wants to see how will Soumya refuse to stay with him. The nurse says to Soumya that Armaan took the babies with him. Malini scolds them. The nurse asks Soumya to pay her hospital bills because Armaan made a part payment only. Soumya agrees but gets shocked seeing the bill is five lakhs. Shilpi gives the money to make the payment saying they are family also as a women they have to show their women power. Armaan asks the caretaker to take care of his babies properly. They both obliges.

Sushma comes there and pleads Armaan to understand that the babies are too young and they need their mother. Armaan asks Sushma to make Soumya understand this. Soumya receives a call from Armaan’s friend who congratulates her for becoming a mother but gets shocked when Soumya says that Armaan took the babies with him but tells him she will bring back the babies to her at any cost and looks on with determination.

Precap: Soumya reaches the Oberoi mansion and tells Sushma she is here to take her babies with her. She hears the crying sound of her babies so goes to the room where Armaan asks her to stay with him under this house then only she can have her baby. Soumya challenges Armaan to meet him in the court to get her child back.

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