October 21, 2019
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Rift in the family of Shah Manzil in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyar Mera is going through high voltage drama these days. nacho which is based on a love story between two person who are morally different but falls for each other and another person who is in an one sided love affair. The show is produced by Prateek Sharma studios limited starring Helly Shah and Rajveer Singh in the leading roles. Well the regular audiences  of the series had seen or terror attack sequence in the show some days ago. Now the makers are trying to showcase the post terror drama which captures a person’s mind in the show. As we had seen Dadi who is mother of their son in law accused of having some malicious intention while entering Saltanat room in the late hours of the night.


As Earlier we have seen that Zaroon giving defence in his favour and explain to all the family members that how he is worried about saltanat and that’s why he went to her room to have a check on her health and got to know that she is having high fever at that time. Meanwhile Dadi confessed to Humza that to keep Zaroon away from Saltanat and wealth of the family she is intentionally humiliating him in front of the whole family members. Neelam informed Zaroon about Dadi’s intention and they decided to expose her inf ront of all when they got to know Saltanat health deteriorates again. Well in tonight episode of the show viewers will see Rubina in a feat of rage will accuse Dadi in front of Miyajaan and other family members for the state of Saltant. She will further out forward a shocking demand which will put Miyajaan in dilemma. On the other hand Zaroon and Neelam will join hands to control the damage caused in the family relations.

Well in between of all these will Zaroon be able to find out Dadi’s game plan? What will happen to Saltanat and her health?

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