Kaamna Weekly Update: Manav struggles to survive with Yadhu.

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Sony TV’s popular show Kaamna focuses on the triangle love story of Manav and Akanksha along with evil Vaibhav. The show currently focuses on Manav struggling to raise Yadhu without Akanksha while Vaibhav made Akanksha lose all her contacts from the past.

In the previous week we have witnessed, Yadhu slept with Akanksha and Manav together. Once he slept she forcefully took back her hand and called Vaibhav home. Vaibhav came and Akanksha left to get her things. He mocked Vaibhav and Manav said that he broke his attitude which he was proud about with his money. Akanksha told that she would come back to get Yadhu but Mamaji warned her to not dare to separate him from his son. Vaibhav asked them to have the discussion later. Manav taunted Akanksha and returned the house papers to her. He warned her to never turn back again. Their hand print got delivered and Manav laughed dryly at it. He threw them out and insulted Akanksha. He broke the hand print. Manav suffered emotional breakdown. Akanksha recalled Manav’s words in car but Vaibhav diverted her attention. He made her believe that she was free now. Akanksha is worried whether Yadhu would hate her but Vaibhav convinced that he won’t. He welcomed her home with proper grah pravesh like a newly wedded bride. Akanksha got ready as bride and Vaibhav tried getting close to her. She asked for time and Vaibhav agreed. Manav wondered how would he convince Yadhu that his mother is gone. He swore to himself to be both a mother and father ti his son. Next morning Yadhu asked for his mother and Manav had a difficult time convincing him and lied that his mother left for work early. He made Yadhu ready but Yadhu called Akanksha. Manav got angry at Yadhu for calling Akanksha and shouted at him. However he soon apologized. Vaibhav who was admiring sleeping Akanksha got angry seeing Manav’s call and changed her sim card. Vaibhav woke up Akanksha with flower petal shower and asked her to pack her bags for a trip. He wanted to spend time with each other to know better about one another. Akanksha agreed and wondered why Yadhu didn’t call her. Vaibhav feared Akanksha would catch him exchanging her Sim card but she didn’t. Manav caught Yadhu’s bus which did don’t stop in Yadhu’s stop and lashed out at driver. Yadhu’s bus mates mocked him for his father’s behaviour. Manav got frustrated seeing no) more works left at house while his Boss scolded him for his pending works. Rane visited Manav for Akanksha’s passport. Manav threw everything of Akanksha’s in a trash bag and sent it to Rane. Vaibhav asked Rane to dump the remaining stuffs except passport in Akanksha’s bungalow. Yadhu shared with his friend about missing his mother. His friend holds him about her mother’s death scaring Yadhu. Manav and his boss had a fight in the office and everyone got surprised seeing Manav’s behaviour. Yadhu came back home and asked Manav if his mother was dead.

Manav made Yadhu understand that his mother left for shoot and would be back soon. Amita visited him to invite him for the reunion party of her family. She gave another chance to her husband after witnessing the bond between Manav and Akanksha. Manav couldn’t say the truth ti her and lied that she left out of station for shoot for few days. Maya got stopped at the gate saying that shoot was cancelled while Vaibhav told the same to Akanksha. However he lied that he postponed it due ro some change in writing. Manav struggled to take care of Yadhu who kept throwing tantrums at him. Yadhu missed his happy times with his parents witnessing Vinay’s reunion with his father. He tried to reheat the food made by Manav when oven caught fire all of a sudden. Yadhu got electrocuted. Manav rushed him to hospital while Vaibhav took Akanksha for a secret trip. Doctor informed that there was no burn on Yadhu but was not sure about head injury. He scolded Manav for his carelessness. Manav blamed himself for Yadhu’s condition and prayed God. Manav got informed that Yadhu gained consciousness. Everyone rushed in and Manav apologized Yadhu for his carelessness. Everyone asked about Akanksha but he lied that he couldn’t contact her due to bad network. At the same time Akanksha called him asking fit Yadhu. He warned her to stay away from Yadhu as she already lost the right. Akanksha was upset with Manav’s words . Karan got fired from his job while Manav searched for opportunity to say the truth to Yadhu. Vaibhav listed Akanksha’s mood and made her happy again. Manav’s Boss apologized him after learning about Manav’s condition. Manav got reminded that he forgot to send Yadhu’s lunch and rushed to buy it. He bought the lunch but on the way met with an accident. He ignored the fact that he’s injured and rushed to feed Yadhu. Yadhu was thrown out of the class for not completing his homework. Manav got upset hearing it.

In the future episodes we will witness, Kaushal will spot Akanksha and Vaibhav in car and will get confused. Manav will say Vaibhav that he will make Yadhu study well.

How will Manav make Yadhu understand? Will Akanksha come back to Manav? Will Manav reveal the truth to the world?

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