Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 10th October 2019 written update: Raima shocks everyone with her unthinkable move

The scene starts with Raima telling everyone (Sona, Suman and Pulkit) about how they love each other and asks to confess his love. She asks if he loves her and says everyone is waiting to hear.
Scene changes to Sometime back…

Rohit tells Sumit not to tell anyone on the TV set or to the media about what happened. Sumit says has he known all this would happen he wouldn’t have helped Raima. But Rohit says Raima was unwell and needed some support and what Sumit did is a good thing. Sumit says sorry for all the chaos he caused in Pooja’s life and if possible he should forgive him. Rohit says that he doesn’t know if he can ever forgive Sumit for that incident but since Sumit is a colleague and co-actor of Sona, he will behave normally with him.

Sona arrives at her home and Suman asks if they found Raima. Suman realizes that Rohit took Raima home and left you alone. She says relationship is not a game. She says he asked you to act being in a relationship in front of his family and then he suddenly falls in love with you. Now that Raima is back, he leaves you and you still want to help him. She says Rohit is wrong but Sona says Rohit is right in every way. Suman says you have become like Parvati and sacrificed your life. This is not a TV serial but life.

In the next scene, Deepa tells Rohan that she needs to talk to him alone. Tanya asks if everything is all right. Rohan says Tanya is his wife and you can say anything in front of her. Deepa confronts Rohan and tells Tanya that he is cheating on her. Tanya asks Rohan what is going on. Before Rohit starts to talk, Deepa says let it be and asks Pari to come inside. Rohan is stunned.

Suman says to Sona that you are in a relationship with Rohit and consoles her. She says she will sort out the matter with Raima but Sona stops her. The moment she opens the door, Rohan and Raima are standing. Before they enter, Suman stops them and says they are not welcome.
Raima says your daughter is a star and rather than create a drama, let’s go inside and talk. Rohit says you wanted to go home and now you wanted to come at Sona’s house and now you want to talk to both the families. Suman says why is your family here? Raima says it’s better to discuss inside the house.

A girl named Pari Sharma appears in front of Rohan and Tanya. Deepa says she works at a Cincinanati travel agency that Rohan booked that in all Maldives. She hints that since Tanya’s father owns a travel agency why not book the tickets from them. Tanya is relieved and hugs Rohan. She says to cancel the tickets bookings and rebook with her dad’s travel agency.

Deepa asks Tanya (in a light heared manner) to watch her husband as he is drifting away. As Tanya walks away with Pari, she confronts Rohan and says to think hard about before taking next step or else she will make sure Rohan will pay for it.

In Sona’s home, Raima asks why is Naren Uncle not here. YK says he didn’t want to come. Raima says the news related both Sippy and Rastogi family. Raima asks Rohit to come stand beside her and announces that they want to be together now. She asks why is everyone not reacting good news? He wanted to be with me for 4 years and he missed me so badly and asks if he loves her. She says everyone is waiting to hear and asks again if he loves her. He says Yes.
She says you are lying and says he loves Sona and Sona loves Rohit. She says when Sulochana aunty said everyone in family is lying she felt jealous and life has ended that’s why she left Sippy mansion. She wanted to feel normal again. She says later she read Rohit’s message where he has written “His friend has become the love of his life and that friend is Sonakshi”. This made Raima feel much worse and angry.

Then after she met Sona and Rohit at Sumit’s home, she saw in each other’s eyes.
She further adds when in coma, her life had standstill but Rohit’s life was moving ahead. Then, she asked herself then thinks had it been Rohit who was in coma, would she have waited for him? She says I don’t know but he was waiting for me. She calls Sona and says you are amazing. She says you play Parvati in serial but this is real life. She says understands Sona didn’t want him to put in a mess and choose between love and responsibility. She says Sona’s love is not selfish and “I can’t compare my love with yours.”

Sona asks if she is lying. Raima is she is honest, blunt and practical and knows you can’t force life. She says he will overcome Rohit and he is yours. Raima says life has given a second change and she will try something new if not air hostess and will also wait for someone special. Suddenly, doorbell rings and Sumit enters. He sees Raima and tells her that you left bracelet at my home. Raima says that you have been more helpful than Rohit. Sumit says that he is single and they all share a light hearted moment.

Raima places Rohit’s hand on Sona and says Sona is his love and I am his friend. Everyone applauds. Rohit gives Raima a big hug and Raima apologises to Rohit and says he deserves Sona.

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Suman goes to bring some sweets and Dadiji says that marriage should happen soon. Rohit says there is still time for marriage while Sona also says she needs to ask permission from Netra mam. Sumit says he will handle everything while Dadiji says she wants the marriage to happen at the earliest.

Veena thinks what Naren said about Sona.

Precap: Raima asks Rohit as he checking his mobile. Are you missing Sona? He says she has gone to Gujarat to attend a Dandiya event. The driver gives a bouquet to Rohit. At Sukhmani hospital as Rohit enters, Karan is sitting on his chair and greets him.