Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th August 2019 Written Update: Rohit thanks Sonakshi!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit eating snacks. Sonakshi ask crew boy to bring Salads for her. Rohit thanks Sonakshi for helping him. Sona talks with Rohit.

Rohit sees his jacket dangling from Sonakshi’s bag. He asks Sonakshi about his jacket. Sonakshi makes an excuse and says she’ll search it and will send him. Ravi comes to call Rohit. Rohit reminds Sonakshi about his jacket and goes away.

Sonakshi sees jacket hanging out from her bag and runs to give it back to Rohit. Sona calls out Rohit and ask him to take. Rohit says to Sonakshi that jacket is his favorite but she can keep. Sonakshi laughs holding Rohit’s jacket. Netra looks at Sona from far.

At Sippy Mansion everyone talks about Summit. Rohti’s grandmother motivates Pooja. Everyone claps for her. Nishi thanks Rohit for whatever he has done for Pooja. Rohit says it wouldn’t have been possible without Sonakshi.

Pari stalk Rohan Sippy. Suman comes and gives her nightie to muniya. She asks her to use it for cleaning, as she can’t wear it because Rohit had worn it. Suman ask Pari what she is doing. Pari indirectly tells Suman about Rohan Sippy.

Suman gives Pari permission to befriend with him. She hugs Pari and goes.

Rohit, Yk and Ajit discuss about the new wing of the hospital. Rohit explain to the doctors about their growing responsibilities. Nurse suggests Rohit and others to call Sona/Paravti and keep session with her for their patients. Dr. Dimpi too supports the idea of calling Sonakshi.

Rohit ask YK and Ajit to tell their POV, as they are marketing team. YK says they need to check their budget and also they have to talk with her mother first. Rohit ask YK to talk with Suman. YK agrees.

Netra comes with Ritu to meet Sonakshi. The three of them discuss about the further story of their show. Ritu suggest carrying the story forward without Summit by showing him getting kidnapped in the show. Netra and Sonakshi agree with Ritu.

Sonakshi talks about Rohit. Netra pulls her leg. Sonakshi talks with the audience how Rohit is ruling on everyone’s heart.

Sonakshi sees Rohit’s jacket and wears it. She praises her look and says she will gift Rohit some gift, as he has given her his jacket. She thinks of a gift to give it to Rohit.

Suman yells and says how they can even think of calling Sonakshi at their hospital after so much happened. She hangs up the call.

YK says Suman hangs up his call. He discuss about Sonakshi and Suman with Naren and Ajit. Rohit comes and says Sonakshi will not take any pay for this event. He says he will directly talk with Sonakshi.

Sonakshi sees Rohit’s jacket and recalls his words. Rohit calls Sonakshi and ask her to meet him at dinner after her shoot.

Sonakshi says yes to Rohit. Rohit says he will come to pick her. Sona thinks it is the right opportunity to give gift to Rohit. She decides to give mobile to Rohit.

Precap: Pulkit receives Sonakshi’s parcel. Sona ask Muniya to wrap the gift. Muniya gets confused with wax strips and phone and ends up wrapping wax strip. Sonakshi gives the gift to Rohit.