Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th August 2019 Written Update: Rohit does his chest waxing for Sonakshi!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit saying bye to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi turns back and praises Rohit. She counts and tells him that he is an amazing person. Rohit says thank you to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi further tells Rohit about a poem written by her father. Rohit hears to Sonakshi and stares her. Sonakshi goes away.

Rohit checks Pallavi and asks the nurse to ask her husband to meet him. He waits for him in his cabin. Man sees Rohit and recalls how he denied helping him when he came to enquire about Raima’s number.

Pallavi’s husband asks about her from Rohit.

YK and Nishi fight over the file. YK shares his worry about Pooja’s truth.

In the morning Rohit checks and informs that Pallavi is stable. Nurse gives Rohit his mobile and asks him to call Veena.

Rohit opens Sonakshi’s gift and gets blank seeing wax strip. Ravi explains what it is. Rohit asks him to drive properly. He reads the instruction on wax strips. He calls Sonakshi and tells her about the gift.

Sonakshi without listening to Rohit ask did he like the gift or not. She further asks him to use it in front of everyone. Rohit panics and says he can’t use her gift. Sonakshi asks Rohit not to keep it inside the cupboard instead she wants to see that he is using it. Sona ask a video from Rohit. Rohit says did she want to see the video of him using her gift. Sonakshi says yes.

Sunita tells Sonakshi about Pooja shooting her ad next to her set. Sonakshi gets excited. Pooja comes and says she can’t do this ad. Sonakshi hears her. She goes to talk with Pooja.

Pooja pours her heart out to Sonakshi. Sonakshi tries to calm Pooja.

Rohit comes back home. Veena enquires to Rohit about his patient. Rohit hides wax strip from everyone. Vimmi bumps into Rohit and the box falls. Veena asks what he is carrying. Ajit and Rohan signal each other.

YK and Nishi search for the file. Akash comes to them and says the file is with him. He asks them to tell the name of biological parents of Pooja. Nishi asks Akash to stay out from this matter. Akash says to YK and Nishi that he will scoop out the truth.

Rohit in his room thinks why Sonakshi has given him such a weird gift. Rohan and Ajit come to his room. Rohit hides the wax strips. The duo pulls the leg of Rohit. Rohit, Ajit, and Rohan discuss why Sonakshi has gifted him waxing strips.

Rohan provokes Rohit and asks him to shoot waxing video for Sonakshi because she has challenged him.

Sonakshi sees the mobile phone and worries what she has gifted him to Rohit.

Ajit and Rohan make the video of Rohit using wax. Sonakshi receives the message from Rohit. She sees him doing the waxing. Rohit makes another video for Sonakshi and asks her not to purchase any gift for him from now.

Sonakshi laughs seeing Rohit’s video. She thinks of giving the mobile phone which she has purchased for him by meeting him soon. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi tells to the audiences that she is seeing Rohit everywhere. She says Rohit loves someone else. Thus they can’t be together. Rohit says I love you to Sonakshi. Sonakshi stands stunned.