Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit discovers Sonakshi suffers Super Virus

Today’s episode starts with Sumit touches Sonakshi and Sonakshi asks him not to touch her as she is not comfortable. Sumit says their affair is going on so all this will happen. Sonakshi says she knows but she is not feeling comfortable. Sumit then asks Sonakshi if she still loves Rohit. Afterwards, Rohit asks Sumit why he was touching Sonakshi. Sumit tells to Rohit that Sonakshi is his girlfriend and can do that. He asks Rohit if he still loves Sonakshi. Rohit stands stunned

Afterwards, Sumit says to Sonakshi and Rohit both that they love each other. Sonakshi and Rohit both say that they can’t love each other.

In the morning, Sonakshi catches the cold and suffers fever. She asks Suman and Pari to stay away from her. Other side, Muniya faints because of Super virus. Here, Tanya on call talks to her friend and says her baby is kicking. Rohan stands shocked.

Rohit sees Muniya at the hospital and worries for Sonakshi. Later, Sumit gives masks to Sonakshi’s family. Suman gets impressed. Here, Tanya acts weirdly and gets happy seeing cradle. Sippy stands shocked. YK reveals to Nishi that Tanya is suffering from trauma thus acting weirdly. He says they need to do something

Later, Muniya tells to Rohit that Sonakshi was in contact with her and asks him to save her. Rohit calls Sumit and asks him to immediately bring Sonakshi for the check up. Meanwhile, Sonakshi feels weak. Suman calls doctor. Rohit rushes to Sonakshi’s house.

Suman refuses to let Rohit meets Sonakshi. Rohit tells to Suman that Sonakshi might be suffering from Super virus. Pari tells to Rohit that she inside. Sonakshi refuses to meet Rohit. Rohit asks Sonakshi to open the door as he is here being a doctor. Sonakshi recalls her past with Rohit. ( Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi attempts suicide.