Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th October 2019 written update: Sonakshi decides to step back from Rohit and Raima’s life

Episode begins with YK comes to sit with Rohit with a drink and asks him to have it. Rohit denies at first request but then takes it. YK says sorry to Rohit for all the issues that just happened because of his mother.

He says I know how is the nature of my mother but still I allow her to stay in the house. Rohit asks him not to feel guilty and says we sometimes don’t have control over our lives. Rohit says I am feeling like Shah Rukh Khan and Karishma Kapoor of Dil to Pagal Hai movie because there they are throwing stones upwards because all the things are goofed up.

YK says nothing is in our hand, Rohit snaps but God has control over everything right? From past 4 years I was waiting for Raima, how many times I have called her, message her, try to find out about her but I didn’t. Then one fine day suddenly I landed up in a shooting spot and met Sonakshi. We became friends and when I started to love her so much suddenly Raima came back. I want to come out of coma state, I really want her to be fit and fine but the timing? I just want Raima to be saved or else I will not be able to forgive myself.

Sonakshi reached Sumit house and spots Raima there. She informed Rohit about the same and he also reaches there. Rohit asks Sumit Is he Maninder Singh? Sumit says in glamour industry Khanna and Kapoor works more so I made myself Sumit Khanna and asks him to go inside as Raima is there.

As soon as Rohit comes there Sonakshi comes and says, she is inside so better you go to her first and talk. Rohit enters and see Raima there but he took Sonakshi along with him. Raima gets angry to see Sonakshi with him and Sonakshi is about to go when Rohit says I want all of us to talk right now together.

Rohit is trying to make Raima understand the events when Raima suddenly took a knife and threatens to slit her wrist if not they all back of right now. She lashes out at Rohit and Sonakshi both and even blends Sonakshi for her state and ask rate how could she fall in love with such a girl leaving her.

Sumit drops the knife from her hand and Rohit gets hold of Raima and locks her inside a cupboard. Sonakshi says what are you doing she will feel suffocated. Rohit says to Raima you want to die then die like this. He asks her to calm down to talk normally then only he will let her come out.

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कहां हम कहां तुम 9 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट:- सोनाक्षी ने रोहित और रायमा के जीवन से कदम पीछे खींचने का फैसला किया

Sonakshi sits besides Raima as Rohit asks her to tell Raima everything. Raima asks Rohit that you also believe in her made up story? You trust her so much? Rohit says yes I trust her more than myself in this world. Sonakshi says I don’t know how to make you believe in my words but I have taken a decision.

Sonakshi continues that I love Rohit so much and I will keep on Loving him forever but right now his sole priority is you Raima. He always loved you with all his heart and I feel I should step back from the path of both of you. Raima says if you have taken a call then why are you here you can leave.

Rohit is so hurt with the decision of Sonakshi and he just silently asks her not to leave. Sonakshi says that you and Raima means to be and that is what is right and leaves but Rohit feels strange pain in his heart. Raima comes and hugs Rohit but he keeps on looking for Sonakshi.

Precap – Raima comes to Sonakshi house with Rohit and asks him to tell all how much he loves her.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th October 2019 written update: Sonakshi decides to step back from Rohit and Raima’s life