Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit and Sonakshi to give a splendid performance in their Music ceremony

Star Plus one of the most popular shows “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is witnessing the marriage track of the leading characters Rohit and Sonakshi. Rohit and Sonakshi who love each other like there is no end to it. After a lot of hurdles and hardships finally, these two lovebirds have found their happiness with each other company. As per the current story of the show the music ceremony is going on for Rohit and Sonakshi. Well no ITV wedding is complete without drama so things keep on happening one after another but at the end, both of them are emerging as winners. After an eventful completion of the engagement, the music ceremony is also going to be full of hardship. However, there is a popular saying that all wells that end well and exactly the same are going to happen in the upcoming episodes of the show.

In the last episode, we had seen that Rohit and Sonakshi got into an argument with each other regarding a lie that was instigated and provoked by Mahesh. Though at the end Sonakshi and Rohit reconcile with each other and decided not to hide anything from now on from each other. In tonight’s episode of the show, Rohit and Sonakshi are going to perform on the “Maahi Ve” song and the entire family is going to cheer for them. Rohit is going to perform the desired step of Sonakshi in a perfect way and Sonakshi gets so happy and proud of him and she hugs him instantly in front of all the members.

Later on, the press created a huge scene on the occasion and demanded an apology from Naren. Sonakshi decided to handle it in her own way and she did manage things in a beautiful way. Naren got impressed with Sonakshi and he finally accepted her wholeheartedly.

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