Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th September 2019 written update: Anurag’s state gets more critical


Episode begins with Prerna questions Mr. Bajaj did he purposely hit Anurag? he feels dejected with her accusations and denies it. She questions him how could he hit Anurag and leave him dying on the road if it was not intentional. Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna to give him one chance to explain. He sees that Prerna’s trust in him is shaken as she tells him that he planned the accident as he wanted to kill Anurag because he still loves her madly. She is tensed for Anurag and crying endlessly. Mr. Bajaj gives an explanation excuse of not being in his senses and happen to hit Anurag on seeing him in front of the car at that time. His explanation appears to be insensitive and casual.

Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna though he dislikes Anurag a lot, he didn’t think of killing Anurag. Meanwhile, Anurag’s condition gets critical as he does not respond to the treatment. The doctors ask Shivani to call someone from his family who is more close to him and maybe it will help them in recovery. Shivani gets worried for Anurag about doesn’t want to call Prerna. She thinks that Prerna’s love for Anurag is baseless after her marriage with Mr. Bajaj.

Nivedita blames Prerna for the bad happenings to Anurag and destroying his life. Shivani calls Mohini and informs her about Anurag’s accident. Mohini and Nivedita are devastated with the news and runs out of the house. Anupam also madly runs out of the house with Nivedita and Mohini.

Sharda finds out about Anurag’s accident. She think if Mr. Bajaj can really try to kill Anurag? Mr. Bajaj tries to explain Prerna that the accident was not done on purpose and Anurag came in front of the car and got hit by his car in a matter of a second. He doesn’t even get time to process the events

He gets upset to see the concern of Prerna for Anurag. He tells Prerna not to express her concern for Anurag in front of him. She scolds him and tells him that Anurag is not at home, but is admitted in the hospital fighting for his life. She warns him to be ready to answer Mohini and face her wrath. Mr. Bajaj tells her that he is taking responsibility for his actions and informed Mohini about the accident.

Sharda decides to use this opportunity and create problems between Mr. Bajaj and Prerna to separate them forever. She planned to act as falling sick and stop Prerna from going to Anurag. At the same time, Prerna curses herself. Mr. Bajaj feels bad seeing her tears. Mohini and family see Anurag at the hospital and are much shattered.

The doctor tells Mohini to try to speak to Anurag in order to revive him. Mohini breaks down emotionally as she asks Anurag to get up. Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna not to blame herself and tells her he will get the best doctors for Anurag. She tells him not to get involved any further as the Basu family can hire good doctors for Anurag’s treatment. Nivedita also breaks down seeing the state of Anurag. Mohini asks Anurag to get up from the bed. Mr.Bajaj, on the other hand, decides to confess the whole thing in front of Mohini. Prerna asks him to take her along too.

Shivani thinks that Anurag will respond to hearing Prerna. She remembers he took Prerna’s name before fainting at the accident spot. She decides to give a call to Prerna.

Precap – She informs Prerna about Anurag’s critical state and tells her to reach the hospital at the earliest. Shivani tells the Basu family that Mr. Bajaj is responsible for Anurag’s accident.

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