Kasauti Zindagi kay 29th October 2019 Written Update: Prerna leaves Basu Badi for Anurag

The episode starts with Komolika seeing Mohini crying for Anurag. She feels happy seeing them in pain and mocks Mohini. She enters inside and consoles her. She says that she can understand pain and asks her to not worry. She makes her have water and hugs her. She says that Anurag will be fine soon. Mohini likes Sonalika at an instant. Sonalika asks Mohini for a room. Mohini is about to show the guest room but she says that she’s new here and will be comfortable if it’s Anurag’s room. Sonalika says that being his wife it’s her duty to take care of Anurag. Mohini agrees and asks Nivedita to show her Anurag’s room. Komolika looks furiously at Nivedita while she asks her to follow her. She recalls Nivedita changing sides and accepting Prerna and decides to punish her.

Prerna enters Anurag’s room and finds him unconscious on bed. She sits besides him crying and recalls their moments together. She remembers her promise for him to not leave him or not take any decisions without consulting him and their sindoor marriage. Prerna cries and says that she is once again breaking her promise and has decided to leave the house for his good. She says that when she is close to him his life will be in danger and she can’t tolerate it. Anurag holds her hand in sleep. She with a painful heart starts leaving but her saree gets stuck in his hand. She cries hard seeing it. She pleads him to let her go and leaves with a painful heart.

She visits Mohini and Moloy and says her decision of leaving the house. She says that she has trust in her love and he will soon remember everything and will come back to her but now she’ll leave for his life and leaves. She cries hard and says that she don’t warn any harm for Anurag because of her and leaves. She meets Anupam outside and asks him to take care of Anurag and leaves.

Komolika comes to Anurag room and laughs hard for being back to the room. Nivedita comes there and thanks her for saving her brother’s life. She hugs her and Komolika recalls Nivedita going against her and taking sides with Prerna. She decides to punish her and her revenge from her. Nivedita leaves and she examines the room. She recalls all her insults and gets happy for getting her revenge. She sees Anurag and Prerna picture and throws it calling them as boring couple.

She comes down and bumps with Prerna. She introduces herself as Sonalika and asks if sue work here. Prerna says that her father worked her and Komolika taunts her. Prerna leaves and Komolika says that the Basu Badi belongs to her now.

Prerna leaves the house and Mohini gets happy. She asks Nivedita to throw all of Prerna’s things outside the house as finally everything is back to normal. She says she likes Sonalika and wants her for her son. Komolika follows Prerna on road to hit her with the car.

Precap : Prerna’s sister fights with Basu and says that she’ll not return back ever to this place. Prerna says her sister that she has confidence that Anurag will come back to