Kasauti Zindagi kay 4th October 2019 Written Update: Anurag confesses his love for Prerna

The episode starts with Pandit asking Prerna to get the supari and she leaves for the same. She meets Bajaj on the way. Bajaj performs Aarti alone and Kukki joins him later. Anurag comes to Prerna who’s on a stool to take the box. Anurag says that he’ll be there to help her but Prerna asks him to go. Anurag takes a glass and Prerna slips and is about to fall but Anurag catches her on time. They both share an eye lock.

Anupam sees Bajaj and stops him. He says that Anurag has said everything about what they spoke with him. He challenges him that Anurag for sure will get back Prerna. He asks him to stop dreaming about a happy family with Prerna.

Rishab says that he’s not dreaming but living a happy family with Prerna and asks Anurag to stop interfering it. They both challenge each other and Rishab says that Prerna can go to Anurag only if he let her. Prerna is about to go but Anurag holds her hand. She asks him to let her go and asks why’s he doing all this. Anurag says that he knows why she’s running away. He says that it’s because if not then he’ll see her love for him in her eyes.

Prerna asks him to let her go and Anurag expresses his love for her. He says how much she’s important for him. He recalls their past when she fed him beetle, them playing in rain. He says that then he didn’t know she’ll become this important to him. He says that he planned a beautiful future for them, only her and hi.

Prerna is unable to control her emotions cups his way and cries. She soon realizes her position and manages but Anurag asks her to listen to her heart. She walks away but Anurag follows her.

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He asks how long will she run and asks her to not deny her love for him. He says that he’s aware that she and Bajaj don’t share a husband-wife relationship. Prerna tries convincing him but Anurag shuts her off. He says about their fathers who wanted them to unite.

Prerna asks why didn’t he inform about father to him. He says that he doesn’t want to see her in pain. Says that Goddess Durga also wants the same and asks her to accept it. Prerna keeps denying and Bajaj comes there.

He asks why’s she crying if she isn’t feeling anything for him. He gets hurt and Prerna treats him. He asks why’s she worried now. Prerna sees Bajaj and leaves.

Anurag taunts Rishab and Rishab says Prerna that they should leave the house. Prerna says that they’ll leave after Vijayadashmi.

Precap: Prerna’s mangalsutra breaks because of Kukki. Veena says that Anurag will always be perfect for Prerna. Anurag confess his love to Prerna