Kasauti Zindagi kay 7th November 2019 Written Update: Prerna becomes Anurag secretary

Episode starts with Anurag enjoying songs in the car. Prerna dupatta falls over Anuag face. He feels something. Searches for that girl and when he notice her He calls out and stops Prerna and she thinks Anurag. Because of some vehicle she missed to notice him and left the place in cab. Anurag thinks what’s his connection with that duppatta and girl . Why feels something.
Nivedita selecting jewels from her collection. Anupam asks her whether she is going to some party. She says it’s to Present Sonalika as appreciation gift. Anupam asks her why to gift her. Nivedita says because of Sonalika words Anurag changed to be happy and Going to office. Anupam rembers his mng convo with Anurag where Anupam teases Anurag, is sonalika behind his change but Anurag says he changed himself to make others happy. Anupam thinks why Sonalika is lying.

At office Prena gets Secretary job and she feels happy. Anurag asks for financial reports of their company and questions his employe to inform him what he knows about last 2years which he can’t aware of. That employee remembers prerna, Bajaj issues. he about to inform him, Moloy interrupts them. Moloy informs to Anurag about his New office. Anurag is exited to take over new company Star and Kings media corporation. Otherside Prerna informs to her family she got job in Star and Kings media corporation. Shivani gets happy and request Veena to prepare halwa for them. Veena says halwa is ready already.
Moloy and Anurag enters star and kings media corporation for their meeting with Anshul. Prerna reminsces her moments with her father seeing Rajesh pic. Prerna thinks she gets happiness seeing his smile. Veena enters with halwa and says she is happy to know finally you realised to live life. Veena says everyone’s knows you will be happy with Anurag but happy know you’re trying accept the current reality. Prerna says youre missing Anurag more than me. Veena says noone is going to take Anurag name in our house from nowonwards.

Anshul declines to sell his company saying he got this one from their grandparents. Moloy reminds him he is running in losses and asks him to think in practical manner so they can make it company in the good position. Anurag says they won’t change company name and he can be part of the company. Anshul agrees for their proposal.
Sonalika talks with pillows saying she hates them for separating Anurag from her. She destroys pillow with knife and thinks Anurag now it’s your turn to be my husband. Moloy praises Anurag for handling Anshul in good way. Anurag teases Moloy.

Next Prerna enters office. Anshul announces about some other enterprises are going to take over their company. Anshul informs Prerna to be the secretary of their new boss. Mohini hugs Anurag and Wishes him luck and asks Sonalika to give sendoff to him. Sonalika thinks to kiss him but he rushed to office after getting call.

Precap – Anurag gets surprised to know Prerna is his Secretary. Sonalika says she will go to office with the file Anurag needed, she request Nivedita to don’t inform him so she can surprise him. Sonalika shocked to see Prerna in Anurag arms.