Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Chaos in the family after Anurag’s accident and the news of Prerna’s wedding!

Kasauti Zindagi Kay that airs on Star Plus is going through the most significant track for the show. Prerna has decided to sacrifice herself and her relationship with Anurag for his and the whole family’s wellbeing. She has married Mr. Bajaj in a compromising situation where she had to wed with him for him to leave Anurag and the family’s properties in peace.

However, the family is unaware of how much of a sacrifice Prerna have made and are now most likely to blame her for Anurag’s pitiful state. In the upcoming episode, we will see Mohini getting annoyed as she realizes Prerna is not at the mandap even after it is past the time for rituals to begin. She will then search for Anurag only to realize he is not there either.

She will start getting worried and Nivedita will try to calm her down. Right at the moment, Tapur will come with the broken cell phone of Anurag which will further intensify the situation. Anupam will get a phone call from Shivni telling him about Anurag’s wellbeing and she will also give them information about Anurag’s whereabouts. Shivani informs Nivedita that Anurag is not in Sharma house but in the city hospital getting treated. This news will shock Nivedita and she will pass the news to the family.

The whole family will leave for the hospital at once. At the hospital, Shivani will blame Prerna for everything going wrong. She will rebuke her and curse her for what she has done. As Mohini reaches the hospital, she will taunt Prerna for the way she has left Anurag’s side. Then she will have an outburst with Veena shocking everyone present. Keep this space abuzz for more.