Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Kairav to fall unconscious, Naira to be shattered!

Again, it is time for some very emotional moments to go on screen in Star Plus’s hit family drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. In the previous article in our portal, we reported how Suhasini’s ill health will be the result of chaos in the family. Manish will expect Kartik to follow every wish of Suhasini to make her feel better. The whole family will put pressure on already devastate Kartik.

Ultimately, he will make the decision that is forced upon him by Suhasini’s being on the death bed. He will agree to marry Vedica and will propose her surprising herself. Now, it looks like the upcoming track will run on the lines of wedding preparations for these two amidst the emotional conundrum the family is going through due to Suhasini’s pitiful state.

On the other side, Naira’s sudden decision to move back to Udaipur will not be easily accepted for Kairav. But still, they will take steps to move that way. Here comes the big twist in the tell. As Naira is busy preparing for her moving to Udaipur, Kairav will fall ill. The spoilers hint that Kairav will suddenly fall unconscious. Naira will be devastated and shattered with such a happening. She will shed tears of pain seeing her precious kid in such a pain.

She will get worried about his health and so she will try to have him regain consciousness. She will think of calling a doctor or taking him to the hospital. What might be the reason for his such state? Watch the show for more. Moreover, there are also spoilers that suggest a priest telling Suwarna that soon enough someone forms their family will have to face a huge problem which may be fatal. Keep this space abuzz for more updates.