Kasauti Zindagi Kay – Dil Sambhal Ja Jara!

Anurag’s heart is breaking into pieces in Star Plus’s popular love story Kasauti Zindagi Kay, as he witnesses his Prerna’s misery at the hands of her kidnappers. He is having a very hard time to control his heart and stay sane to safely rescue Prerna from those villains. Ronit, in the rage of Komolika’s death, has kidnapped Prerna to serve his vengeance. Now he clicks the photo of Prerna kidnapped by him and sends it to Anurag saying he will beat Prerna if Anurag doesn’t do what he asks to do.

Anurag pleads to Ronit not to harm Prerna and he will do everything he is asked to do. So, Ronit asks Anurag to be in the mall within 10 mins to which Anurag promptly agrees and speeds up in his car to reach to the mall in time. However, Ronit here will not be done with his manipulative plotting and asks his goon to stop Anurag from reaching the mall in the scheduled time.

The obedient goons will then fake a car accident in the middle of the road to block Anurag’s path which leads to Anurag not being able to reach the mall in 10 minutes. In the midst of it all, Prerna will have a confrontation with Ronit and ends up slapping him for his vile acts. Ronit will tie her up after kidnapping her and call Anurag to see if he has reached the mall or not. Anurag stuck in the road traffic will fail in reaching to the mall. Citing this reason, Ronit will threaten Anurag that he will kill Prerna like the way they killed his Komolika.

We must say quite an interesting turn of events for the lovers. Now it will be intriguing to see how Anurag saves his love. Keep following us for more.