Kasauti Zindagi Kay- further accusations and retaliation between Anurag and Prerna!

As they say, somehow hatred is the result from intense and passionate love, this statement goes true in the case of present context between our own favorites Anurag and Prerna from Star Plus’s chartbuster hit tv stint Kasauti Zindagi Ke.

The second franchise from the old age hit Kasauti Zindagi Ke is again a blockbuster successfully reestablishing the legacy of its predecessor show. It is only becoming more intense thereby increasing the intrigue from all around. In the recent episode, Anurag and Prerna were seen caught up in a heated argument where Anurag blamed her for cheating and betraying his love for someone as dishonest as Mr. Bajaj and after receiving his harsh accusations at once, Prerna too didn’t want to justify her actions.

As she doesn’t justify herself, his anger grows by bounds and heaps and in the upcoming episode, he will be calling her gold digger. He will insinuate at her that she was after his money from the beginning and now Mr. Bajaj has all of it, she has moved to him. He will continue to hurt her by saying she will go to some other guy now if he has more money than Bajaj.

Prerna will reprimand him after she listens to whatever rubbish he has to throw her way; it is obvious for her to lose her cool as all she is doing here is sacrificing herself for his sake. She will get angry and ask him if he despises her so much why is he after her and he should leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Bajaj watches all this encounter between them from afar. As the episode progresses, all three of them will be boating on the same speed boat where all of a sudden Prerna will lose her balance and both Anurag and Bajaj will stand up to support her. Towards the end of the episode, a confrontation between Anurag and Bajaj will be the major highlight. Keep buzzing us for more updates as such.